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When we narrowed down our Baja dream to focus on La Paz, we toured properties in El Centenario, Comitan, and a couple of different homes in marina neighborhoods within La Paz. As we planned to become full time residents, we quickly realized that the maintenance and upkeep involved with a home close to the sea was not something we desired. 

el centenario la paz

A beautiful, almost listed property was shown to us in El Centenario La Paz, and we fell in love. We are often asked “are you on the beach?” or “how close are you to the water?”.  Our property has gorgeous views of the bay, and the city lights are amazing at night, with wonderful beaches five minutes to an hour’s drive away.

As you drive on the highway through Centenario (about 20 minutes from Centro La Paz) you may be unimpressed, as the view is similar to many highways in Mexico.  The many convenience stores, pharmacies, and food stands can pass by in a blur.  If you take the time to look, you will find many gems in our little town, both right on the highway, as well as a few blocks off into the neighborhoods.   

El Centenario La Paz Restaurants

Our favorite restaurant, not just in Centenario but all of La Paz – is La Casa del Bagre.  It’s not just because it’s a short walk away…we love the food and the setting.  They have recently expanded their hours and menu.  While it is not the least expensive dining option in the area, the quality and presentation is a true treat.

casa del bagre

Cafe La Parcelita is always busy – from the early morning until they close at 2:00 p.m.  This is a favorite for longtime locals and expats alike! If you are craving traditional Mexican food, this spot on the highway is for you!

If you are looking for live music check out El Mezquite Verde, also on the highway.  During the “high” season (November through May or so), they typically offer a live band at least once a week.  They have a large, varied menu with something for everyone, including pizza.

Mezquite verde el centenario

Looking for a coffee shop with delicious drinks, breakfast delights and wifi?  La Toscana will be the match.  On the highway close to El Mesquite Verde, this is a fairly new restaurant that we hope sticks around!

Ask any Centenario expat where they like to dine and they will likely mention KM 14, the restaurant owned and operated by Jorge and Vanessa Aguirre.  Jorge is a terrific chef and discovered a niche during Covid.  He is typically open five nights a week by reservation only.  Each night has a different theme that he publicizes in advance (grill, molcajete, happy hour, etc.).  The food and service is consistently excellent, with a personal and friendly touch.  Live entertainment during the “high” season is often promoted. Jorge also sells groceries that are available to be picked up from the restaurant on Tuesdays.

KM14 El Centenario

El Centenario: Where to buy local produce?

Of course you want homemade tortillas, right?  Multiple options are available, both on the highway through Centenario as well as off the highway in the neighborhoods.  Are you craving something sweet or need a cake for a special occasion?  Visit La Pasteleria on the highway for high quality baked goods.  Local cheese?  Venture off the highway to Lacteos Lulu.

While we typically grocery shop in La Paz (we love Chedraui), the Aramburo in Centenario is a great resource.  They have typical convenience store items as well as fresh produce and a meat counter.  Their liquor and wine selection is also awesome.

I have recently discovered a copy shop (off the highway in a residential area) as well as a seamstress and have had fabulous and inexpensive service from both.  These spots were discovered by me asking and receiving vague descriptions of where the businesses were.  A lesson for me to get out and explore our little town.

El Centenario – La Paz

What I call the town square is the heart of El Centenario (one block off the highway behind the police station and SAPA water utility).  There is a beautiful children’s library as well as another library with a computer lab and rooms for meetings.  Venture to the square any evening and you are likely to see intramural basketball or volleyball, zumba classes as well as children and families enjoying the space.  There is a soccer field featuring league play across the street.  There is a local committee (Revitalize Centenario) raising funds to improve this space in coordination with the government of La Paz.

El Centenario Medical Services

Many of the farmacias have a doctor on staff that can provide consultations and prescribe medication.  The closest private hospital is in Fidepaz, about 20 minutes away.  We have found an excellent osteopath/chiropractor/kinesiologist in Centenario (Dr. Mike Azencott next to La Toscana/El Mezquite Verde) and hope that all the recent growth in the area will encourage more medical professionals to join our community.

The small community of El Centenario has so much to offer – we really don’t need to go anywhere else but also love the convenience and short drive to all the large city of La Paz has to offer.

El Centenario Real Estate

El Centenario La Paz, Mexico, has been growing very quickly over the last 6 years. Land and property prices have spiked significantly, especially over the last 2 years. Land for sale was abundant a few years ago, but that has changed rapidly. You could have picked up a 1/4 acre lot for $25,000 2 years back, but you won’t pick anything up for less than $50,000-60,000 as of today. If you’re looking for a safe, great community and a simple way of life, then El Centenario La Paz, Mexico, might be the place for you. This small community has a low crime rate and is experiencing a development boom.

La Paz Mexico Real Estate

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