Must-Visit Restaurants in Los Cabos 2024

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If you’re gearing up for a Cabo getaway, it’s prime time to check out this article. As we all know, Mexican food is praised worldwide (we all love tacos! right?), but what’s not so well-known is that Mexican gastronomy is as diverse as its landscapes. Prepare to find out the Must-Visit Restaurants in Los Cabos.

Must Visit Restaurants in Los Cabos
Fine dining scene in Los Cabos

In this country, each state or region has its own soul when it comes to culinary creations; from the vibrant colors and killer seasoning to the diverse textures and tales behind each bite, it’s all so one-of-a-kind that tacos are just scratching the surface.

No matter where you go, you’re in for a treat. Plus, in this day and age, where fusion cuisine dominates virtually every corner, you can bet Los Cabos is a solid spot to start your gastronomic journey in Mexico.

Los Cabos Food Scene

Renowned for its fresh seafood, tasty local dishes, and upscale dining options, Los Cabos serves up a food scene that’s as diverse as it gets; from budget-friendly eats to luxury restaurants, options abound here.

The go-to bites in this Mexi-locale are the iconic battered fish tacos, fresh ceviches (a coast-to-coast staple), classic street tacos, and “choyera” munchies (straight-up Baja goodness). Let’s dig in!

Must-Visit Restaurants in Los Cabos

After some serious digging, we have found restaurants that are bound to leave you jaw-dropped. We relied on our own taste buds, but we also considered the type of food (making sure there’s something for everyone), checked out their Google ratings, and, naturally, tallied up the happy diners.

Oh, and we’ve sorted them into swanky spots and budget-friendly haunts for your convenience while you’re mapping out your budget鈥攁nd your plans!

Upscale dining

1. Monte Card贸n

Monte Card贸n is the most exclusive culinary experience in Cabo. With a lavish six-course menu that’s only open to 12 lucky folks (three times a week), this innovative farm-to-table restaurant promotes an out-of-this-world “slow-food” philosophy鈥攍iterally reserved for special occasions.

A gourmet cooked clam and oyster served in Monte Cardon, Los Cabos Mexico
Monte Card贸n 鈥 Must-Visit Restaurants in Los Cabos

2. Casa Mart铆n

This lively, chef-owned restaurant is a hidden gem in Cabo. With original, handcrafted recipes and a cozy ambiance, it’s hard not to be wowed. The menu is absolutely brilliant, offering Mexican fusion dishes based on beef, fresh seafood, and veggies.

Grilled fish served with grains and vegetables in Casa Mart铆n, Los Cabos Mexico
Casa Mart铆n 鈥 Must-Visit Restaurants in Los Cabos

3. Salvatore G’s

They call themselves “the best Italian restaurant in Los Cabos”, and honestly, it’s tough to argue. Salvatore G’s is run by the Galluzo family (from Palermo), true experts in Italian cuisine. Undoubtedly, you’ll find tasty, well-served dishes here.

Lamb dish served with a glass of white wine at Salvatore G's in Los Cabos Mexico
Salvatore G’s 鈥 Must-Visit Restaurants in Los Cabos

4. El Huerto Farm to Table

As its name claims, El Huerto is a beautifully designed space for nature and wellness lovers. Serving food from its own organic and sustainable farming, offering creative veggie dishes and breakfast alternatives to die for鈥攁n unmissable experience!

Table with 2 different dishes, filled with colorful vegetables in El Huerto Farm to Table
El Huerto Farm to Table 鈥 Must-Visit Restaurants in Los Cabos

5. Toro Latin Kitchen & Bar

This is hands down an upscale restaurant where food is the main star of the night. From our perspective, Toro brings probably the most exotic food offer on our list, with a cleverly executed menu that blends Latin and Asian flavors you’ll love to the last bite.

Tuna tartar served with caviar at Toro Latin Kitchen & Bar in Los Cabos Mexico
Toro Latin Kitchen & Bar 鈥 Must-Visit Restaurants in Los Cabos

6. Flora Farms

This pioneer farm-to-table spot is part of a much bigger project dedicated to promoting the wellness culture. With a mainly seasonal menu, Flora Farms serves dishes with farm-fresh ingredients and hormone/antibiotic-free foods.

Different pizza plates served with with cava in Flora Farms Los Cabos Mexico
Flora Farms 鈥 Must-Visit Restaurants in Los Cabos

7. Sunset Monalisa

This oceanview terrace is perfect if you want a unique experience in Los Cabos; with a spectacular ambiance and a luxurious Mediterranean menu with three, five, and seven-course options, you can be sure Monalisa is a top here鈥 thousands of reviews cannot be wrong!

Vanilla and honey ice cream dessert served at Sunset Monalisa, Los Cabos Mexico
Sunset Monalisa 鈥 Must-Visit Restaurants in Los Cabos

8. La Lupita Taco & Mezcal

You can’t skip out on Mexican eats in our gourmet roundup, so we had to include La Lupita. You can be sure that this spot’s got all the flavors you crave: tasty Mexican basics, tacos, ceviche, snacks, and more, all with a touch of Cabo glam vibe.

Two gourmet blue corn tacos served at La Lupita Taco & Mezcal in Los Cabos Mexico
La Lupita Taco & Mezcal 鈥 Must-Visit Restaurants in Los Cabos

Budget-friendly eats

1. Los Cabos Fish Tacos

This Cabo classic is a must-try on our list. If you’re in search of the authentic flavor of fish tacos, this is the place. This family-owned joint strives to share its secret recipe with great quality and service, along with traditional handmade corn tortillas!

Two plates filled with traditional battered fish tacos in Los Cabos Mexico
Los Cabos Fish Tacos 鈥 Must-Visit Restaurants in Los Cabos

2. Eggcentrico

Perfectly made for egg enthusiasts, the new place Eggcentrico is crushing it in Cabo. The food here is straightforward yet tasty, a sure bet for those times when you want something quick, cheap, and darn delicious. These egg burgers are a trend in town that is truly worth a try.

Egg sandwich with melted cheese and bacon in Eggcentrico, Los Cabos Mexico
Eggcentrico 鈥 Must-Visit Restaurants in Los Cabos

3. Hoja Santa

Hoja Santa is a go-to if you want variety with a Mexican spark. Here, you can find the famous tortas ahogadas (wet sandwich), gorditas (corn-based dish), and quesabirrias (lamb quesadillas), plus some bomb poached eggs, pancakes, waffles, and other delights.

Traditional Mexican dish torta ahogada in Hoja Santa Los Cabos Mexico
Hoja Santa 鈥 Must-Visit Restaurants in Los Cabos

4. El Ahorcado

This taqueria is off the charts鈥攖alking from experience! El Mes贸n del Ahorcado is a favorite among many locals and tourists alike because it perfectly brings together flavor, variety, authenticity, and atmosphere. Absolutely banging.

Four tacos served with different fillings and 1 beer in El Ahorcado Los Cabos Mexico
El Mes贸n del Ahorcado 鈥 Must-Visit Restaurants in Los Cabos

5. Higos y Olivos

This option is affordable if you’re down for a diverse menu, with tacos, seafood, pasta, pizza, Mexican basics, and deli alternatives. It’s just perfect for families and big groups: win-win for everyone! We picked this hidden gem because it earned their customers’ hearts鈥攁nd bellies too!

Zucchini dish with tomato and herbs in restaurant Higos y Olivos, Los Cabos Mexico
Higos y Olivos 鈥 Must-Visit Restaurants in Los Cabos

6. Elements

This is another banging deal for adventurers in Cabo. Elements is a hit with both vegans and meat-eaters as well, dishing out those classic Indian flavors we all love but without breaking the bank. If you want to try something different, delicious, and packed with bold flavors, this is the spot.

Different curry dishes served with nan bread in Elements Los Cabos Mexico
Elements 鈥 Must-Visit Restaurants in Los Cabos

7. Restaurant Bar Campestre

This is a classic “loncher铆a” (or lunch spot) where, generation after generation, Mexican families dine after a long morning at school or work. With great service and varied dishes, we’re sure that anything you order will be a 10: nachos, enchiladas, grilled fish, fajitas, quesadillas, etc.

Chile relleno dish at Restaurant Bar Campestre in Los Cabos Mexico
Restaurant Bar Campestre 鈥 Must-Visit Restaurants in Los Cabos

Happy eats!

First off, big thanks for checking out all our recommendations! After all, we’re here to share the best tips for those wanting to have the best culinary experience in this beautiful travel spot.

Having said that, it is great news to find out that Cabo is, indeed, a fantastic place to enjoy Mexico’s gastronomy at its best! So, whatever tickles your taste buds, we hope you can enjoy your trip to Los Cabos. No matter your budget or taste, be sure there is a restaurant for you.

Enjoy the feast!

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