10 Best Todos Santos Hotels 2024

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Established in the 1700s, Todos Santos is one of the first settlements in the Peninsula of Baja California Sur and holds a very special history legacy, a legacy maintained throughout the years, thanks to its unique array of nature and traditional colonial structures.

Beautiful street with Mexican multicolor flags hanged on the ceiling in Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico.
Todos Santos Main Street in Baja California Sur

Nowadays, Todos Santos has become a new trend in Baja Sur, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in both the town’s rich heritage and contemporary allure, with exquisite boutique hotels and B&Bs worthy of our vacay budget.

10 Best Todos Santos Hotels

Certainly, what we love the most about this town is its vibe: quiet and refreshing, like we say, a true Mexican getaway. Todos Santos streets are peaceful and flanked by pristine beaches, while the weather pretty much guarantees year-round sunshine. But where should you stay in Todos Santos? Depending on your budget and style, we are sure there is a place for you—and your crew!

1. Perro Surfero 

It’s fair to introduce Perro Surfero as a boutique hotel like no other, as it pays homage to the surfing roots of sleepy Todos Santos while masterfully creating an attractive lodging offer: co-living & co-working. This space has been designed for a new era, where digital nomads are defined as “more than foreigners in town.” With a shared kitchen and office room, this is the perfect place to open up to a new community; decorated with quirky finishes, this hotel exudes unique character. 

Price: 💰

Aerial view of Perro Surfero hotel in Todos Santos BCS Mexico
Perro Surfero Hotel Boutique – Todos Santos Hotels

2. La Bohemia Baja Hotel Pequeño

Art lovers are attracted to unique places like La Bohemia Baja, but the truth is that this place is made for everyone who embraces a vibrant space filled with creativity and originality. Indeed, La Bohemia is a lovely stay with authentic adobe walls adorned with lush tropical gardens and a palapa area where its guests can be delighted by fish taco nights, mezcal tastings, and yoga classes— just the right spot for a Boho mood!

Price: 💰

La Bohemia Baja Boutique Hotel entrance
La Bohemia Baja – Todos Santos Hotels

3. Hotel Casa Tota 

Another colonial jewel is Casa Tota, hands down one of the best hotels in downtown Todos Santos. This is probably the most authentic fusion between the old Mexican “casona” style and modern minimalist, loaded with spirited colors and local art. For those who love gatherings and festivals, this is a much-loved alternative, famous for bringing together the best that Todos Santos has to offer: its community!

Price: 💰

Hotel Casa Tota poolside with sun lounges and palm trees
Hotel Casa Tota – Todos Santos Hotels

4. Hacienda Todos Los Santos

Located right at the heart of Todos Santos downtown, this high-end stay is a few steps away from the glamorous Oystera Bar, giving its guests a fancy taste of Todos Santos. Hacienda Todos Los Santos is a genuinely enchanting lodging covered in sophistication and exquisite colonial fashion, an exemplary alternative for authentic Hacienda lovers. Shiny wooden finishes, bright white interiors, and lively, colorful tiles are the perfect “combo” to make this place an outstanding boutique hotel. 

Price: 💰💰

Hacienda Todos Los Santos panoramic view in BCS, Mexico
Hacienda Todos Los Santos – Todos Santos Hotels

5. Guaycura Boutique Hotel Beach Club & Spa 

This charming boutique hotel is within walking distance of Todos Santos restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. Housed in a 19th-century red-brick building, the hotel is inspired by the Guaycura tribe, the original founders of Todos Santos, and honors this heritage with tastefully Mexican-style decorations. This fabulous hotel is part of a much bigger tourist offer, with an iconic beach club, 2 amazing restaurants, a roof terrace bar, and a cute onsite coffee place. 

Price: 💰💰

Guaycura Boutique Hotel in Todos Santos BCS, Mexico
Guaycura Boutique Hotel – Todos Santos Hotels

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6. La Poza Hotel Boutique & Spa 

This is a beautifully arranged, family-owned boutique hotel that combines wellness and nature to pamper its guests. And how not to? This hidden gem is located near the famous La Poza lagoon— hence its name—and is surrounded by a lush palm tree field, making it the perfect location to embrace Todos Santos’ beauty in all its best. With its acclaimed restaurant Na-Há, seven thoughtfully crafted classic suites, and six eco-chic dome suites, La Poza Hotel is definitely a must-try in TS.

Price: 💰💰💰

Lagoon view in La Poza Boutique Hotel & Spa, Todos Santos, Mexico
La Poza Boutique Hotel & Spa – Todos Santos Hotels

7. Hotel San Cristóbal Baja 

Hotel San Cristóbal Baja is an ivory-colored building inspired by local folklore, perched right on the beachfront in the Punta Lobos coastline. The sleek and chic décor within gives a sense of serenity and tranquility, ideal for those who use their trip to Todos Santos to escape reality—thus, it’s a trendy wedding venue these days! This 32-room hotel serves Mexican-fusion dishes at its onsite restaurant, “Benno,” produced with fresh seafood from the nearby fishermen community, a truly ocean-to-table seasonal delight!

Price: 💰💰💰

Garden view at Hotel San Cristobal, Todos Santos, Mexico
Hotel San Cristóbal – Todos Santos Hotels

8. Villa Santa Cruz

Villa Santa Cruz encompasses beautifully fashioned Hacienda-styled villas, bungalows, and tented oceanview suites, ideal for big groups and families who want to enjoy a colorful Mexican beach lifestyle. Away from the town’s hustle and bustle, each area is gracefully finished, leading out to an oasis-like garden and pool area, making the experience a true opportunity to unwind. For our foodie folks, the onsite beachfront restaurant The Green Room is simply a delight— talking from experience!

Price: 💰💰💰

Aerial view of beachfront hotel Villa Santa Cruz in Todos Santos Mexico
Villa Santa Cruz – Todos Santos Hotels

9. Paradero Todos Santos

Created as an adults-only hotel, Paradero is ideal for discerning travelers hoping to escape it all, given that the resort is set amidst the sprawling, dusty natural countryside, miles away from anything else. But don’t worry; this high-end hotel is equipped with one of the best food scenes in town, a spa, an outdoor gym, and even a Temazcal setup. Needless to say, the Paradero’s aesthetics are by far the most innovative and appealing for lavish travelers.

Price: 💰💰💰

Panoramic view of Paradero hotel in Todos Santos BCS Mexico
Paradero Todos Santos – Todos Santos Hotels

10. Todos Santos Boutique Hotel

Previously called the Todos Santos Inn, this charming lodging is one of the oldest buildings in town; some say it was a sugar baron’s estate as far back as the 1870s. Despite the major revamp, much of its rural Mexican charm has been preserved: a true relic among the best Todos Santos hotels! Today, this magnificent high-end hotel is crafted with elegance and style from head to toe. It is surely a place you will keep as a lovely memory in Todos Santos BCS.

Price: 💰💰💰💰

Open and classy poolside at Todos Santos Boutique Hotel in BCS Mexico
Todos Santos Boutique Hotel – Todos Santos Hotels

Ready to book your hotel in Todos Santos?

Frankly, it was difficult to restrict this list to just 10 hotel options, given the wealth of stunning properties in Todos Santos. But still, we hope you can take a dip in our selection to meet your requirements, be it a luxurious, isolated stay in the countryside or a budget-friendly alternative.

Whenever you decide to hit this gorgeous town, you’ll marvel at the pristine nature and sleepy tranquillity of one of Mexico’s up-and-coming tourist destinations and wonder why on earth it’s taken you so long to visit!

There you go, happy travels! 🌴🍷🌵

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