Docecuarenta: Best Coffee Shop in Baja Sur

For all you coffee aficionados out there, skipping this go-to coffee spot in Baja Sur would be a big miss. Once you’ve experienced Docecuarenta Casa de Café, you’ll understand why it’s easy to fall head over heels for this place, just like we did.

Docecuarenta entrance in La Paz downtown, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Docecuarenta in Downtown La Paz

Docecuarenta Coffee Shop

Docecuarenta translates to “12:40” in Spanish, though initially a modest spot in downtown La Paz back in 2014, its unique charm and chilled ambiance made it stand out from the competition, offering a European-style brunch menu and high-quality Mexican coffee.

Being a local, I’m pleased to see how this spot has evolved, providing not just fantastic coffee but also some tasty options for food enthusiasts like myself. And it seems to be improving with each visit.

Two iced coffees with sunglasses on the table of Doce Cuarenta Coffee, La Paz,Mexico.
Iced coffee at Docecuarenta

Where can you find it?

As you can imagine, this place is expanding at the speed of light — and that’s great! So, if you’re coming to Baja Sur and want to enjoy this gourmet coffee shop menu, here are all its branches so far:


Like any solid business, you can not only find good coffee and tasty food here; this brand has also created cool merch you can snag as souvenirs from your Baja trip — perfect for gifting your crew back home too.

What you can find here: T-shirts, mugs, luxury thermoses, signature coffee blends, cold brew, tequila glasses, plushies, original canvas prints, and much more.

Docecuarenta counter area and bakery at Todos Santos BCS
Docecuarenta Todos Santos


If you are looking for a perfect balance between healthy eats and sweet treats, Docecuarenta has you covered (yes, please!). No matter your mood, either counting your calories or diving into a cheat day, this place is ready to dish out.

Our recommendations

Personally, I love ordering their matcha tradicional and hummus toast after my gym sessions; totally guilt-free yet delicious— sets me up for a productive day at work 😎

However, there are other great items we can recommend like the avocado toast with poached eggs (our forever favs!), roast beef sandwich, spinach or broccoli quiche, chai latte, lemon tart, and, of course, all sorts of coffee presentations.

Capuccino, granola, fruit and yogur bowl and egg on toast served at Docecuarenta, Todos Santos BCS
Avocado toast with poached eggs at Docecuarenta


This coffee shop started out like any other, but over the years, it has shown a special characteristic for the residents of Baja California Sur: all branches are digital nomad-friendly, and that’s pretty awesome.

Although you’ll generally see spaces filled with tourists and locals, in groups or couples, enjoying good coffee and sampling bakery delights, Docecuarenta is the favorite spot for home-office enthusiasts—and coffee lovers!

For sure, Docecuarenta is a solid spot to hit up while cruising around La Baja Sur (the new coffee roasters’ hub). And seriously, who wouldn’t want to sip on some of the area’s top-notch coffee while soaking in the beauty of the Sea of Cortez?

 Have you tried it yet? Leave your comments below! ☕️🥐😃

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