Doce Cuarenta Coffee House: A New Favorite in La Paz, Mexico

If you are looking for the perfect place to go for a delicious European-style brunch with some of the best coffee in La Paz Mexico, Doce Cuarenta Coffee House & Bakery is a must-do in La Paz. 

Outside view of Doce Cuarenta Coffee House in La Paz, Mexico.
Doce Cuarenta Coffee House


Having lived in Barcelona for a couple of years, I can tell Doce Cuarenta resembles the European experience of going to expensive “cafeterías” (or coffee shops) but with the low-cost magic included. 

It’s simply an oasis of pure joy. That is probably the main reason I still visited this place since its beginnings in 2014, and the fact it has some of the best coffee in La Paz Mexico definitely helps.

Doce Cuarenta is a Spanish translation for 12:40, which will be “Twelve Forty.” 

Even though it started as a small coffee shop in La Paz Downtown, its originality mixed with a cozy beach town ambiance made it stand out from the competition. When you are here, you know you are in Baja.

Two iced coffees with sunglasses on the table of Doce Cuarenta Coffee, La Paz,Mexico.
Iced coffee at Doce Cuarenta

As a local, I’m happy to say that this place soon became a much more diverse place, offering not only luscious ‘coffee in a cup’ but also pretty decent alternatives for foodies like me. And it looks like it’s getting better and better. 

Now they have a second branch at Marina Costa Baja, where you will fall in love with the scenic view of the yacht dock while you drink your cappuccino, and if you can’t get enough of this place (like me), you can visit Doce Cuarenta in any of its other two locations, one in Todos Santos and another one in Cabo San Lucas.

What you can find here

I especially like the fact that here you can find everything from tasty pastries and coffee-based cocktail drinks to Baja Sur merchandise.

Same as me, you would probably love buying original and modern Mexican designs worthy of being unique souvenirs from your Baja trip!

Interior of Doce Cuarenta with people seated and branded merchandise at the back, La Paz, Mexico.
Merchandise at Doce Cuarenta

Indeed, after enjoying some of the best coffee in La Paz Mexico with a warm and soft brownie, this is the right spot if you are thinking of getting some gifts for your loved ones.

What’s for brunch… and dinner

Doce Cuarenta took their presence very seriously in Baja; they are everywhere and open from Monday to Sunday, from 7:00 to 22:00. You basically can spend your whole day here.  

If you are looking for a perfect balance between “weight watchers” and “cheat day meal,” you should come here as it is possible to enjoy a delicious brunch no matter if you are counting your calories or if you prefer to dive into a seductive cinnamon roll or a banana muffin. 

Doce Cuarenta bakery area with different kinds of muffins, La Paz, México.
Doce Cuarenta bakery area

My favorite item from the menu is the Chai Latte, but I also enjoy Doce Cuarenta smoothies made with fresh fruit, and from the kitchen, I can recommend the avocado toast with poached eggs and the spinach sandwich, which I honestly think are my forever favs. 

But let’s stop talking about what I like; you can check the Doce Cuarenta menu here (prices are Mexican pesos or MXN).

If you have tried something and fallen in love as I did, you can leave a comment below!

Doce Cuarenta coffee community 

Every time I come here, it looks like it’s an excellent place for people looking for tranquillity and peace; I better mention this place is a true hub for digital nomads who are working remotely and want some yummy coffee to inspire their hard-working brains. 

Doce Cuarenta interior with customers seated and a waiter serving coffee, La Paz, Mexico.
Digital nomads at Doce Cuarenta

Whatever your purpose, this is a great place to work peacefully, chat with your best mate for hours, or bring your family for a sweet treat. 

There is no doubt this unique business is one of the local jewels, with some of the best coffee in La Paz, Mexico! 

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