Costa Baja La Paz: A Luxury Resort in The Mexican Desert

Costa Baja Resort & Spa aerial view with palm trees and marina dock with yachts.
Costa Baja Resort & Spa

About Costa Baja La Paz

It’s true that the city of La Paz, Mexico, is undergoing a significant transformation – especially during the last decade – going from a small and quiet beach town to a more sophisticated travel destination, offering an increasing number of experiences to visitors across the globe.

This growth coincided with the Costa Baja Resort & Spa opening ceremony back in 2010. Being the first five-star resort built in La Paz, this promising event certainly influenced the future of this town in a very positive way.

Costa Baja poolside with a jacuzzi, a palapa shade and several palm trees on the back.
Costa Baja poolside

This beautiful resort became an authentic gateway to the Sea of Cortez, offering stunning ocean views and first-class amenities like the exclusive Espíritu Spa, relaxing swimming pools, gourmet restaurants, and much more.

There is no doubt this charming city has a lot to offer as a new touristic destination in the years to come, and staying at Costa Baja La Paz is worthy of unforgettable vacation experiences that you definitely will not regret.

Costa Baja Resort & Spa Location

Only 34 minutes away from La Paz Airport, Costa Baja Resort & Spa is located right on the coast of Pichilingue Bay, overlooking the Pacific Ocean – only 5 minutes away from incredible beaches like Balandra and El Tecolote.

You can take a taxi from the La Paz airport, but to be honest, using Uber will cost you way much less money (MXN 140.00 or USD 6.80 approx.). To avoid any inconvenience, you can pre-book a ride in advance.

If you are in La Paz downtown, this fantastic resort is only between 10 to 15 minutes away from the city center.

The Baja Sur Real Luxury Resort

Costa Baja Resort & Spa is part of the 550 acres Costa Baja Development, including a Marina with a capacity for 250 boats, a Beach Club with an infinity pool and direct access to La Paz beach, the exclusive Espíritu Spa, an 18-hole championship Golf course “El Cortés,” and a luxury complex with apartments and condos.

Costa Baja marina dock in La Paz, Mexico, surrounded by water and the beach club on the back.
Costa Baja marina dock

The Costa Baja Development was created to promote the city of La Paz as a touristic destination, and precisely, as an alternative to Los Cabos.

That’s right; the market needs are too wide to rely on a single destination. The truth is that La Paz had its chance to take off, and Costa Baja Resort & Spa truly represents a new generation of luxury resorts in the Baja California Peninsula.

With an emphasis on relaxation, peace, and tranquillity, Costa Baja Resort & Spa can give you a balanced experience filled with luxury and style and loaded with the rustic charm you can only find in the Mexican desert.

Espíritu Spa

This exclusive Spa brings a unique way of relaxation, introducing aromatherapy and mixing local herbs like damiana and Bach flower therapy.

Costa Baja Espíritu Spa interior with a massage bed prepared with body oils and candles.
Costa Baja Espíritu Spa

But perhaps the signature treatment in Espíritu Spa is focused on our souls more than our bodies, presenting 90-minute sessions with alternative techniques like Reiki, Ho’oponopono, and reflexology.

Espíritu Spa is a dedicated space that will revitalize your body and mind and make you feel refreshed and invigorated.

“El Cortés” Golf Club

Being the only Gary Player Signature Golf Club in Mexico, “El Cortés” is an exclusive golf course located in the Costa Baja La Paz complex.

This 18-hole championship course provides a truly unique and challenging experience for those who love to play golf amidst magnificent scenery.

Golf club "El Cortés" at Costa Baja La Paz with large field of greenery, sandy areas, and the marina dock on the back.
Golf course “El Cortés” at Costa Baja La Paz

The unbelievable contrast of the pristine green grass that covers the desert landscape and extends to the turquoise sea makes playing in this world-class facility a once-in-a-lifetime golf experience.

“El Cortés” Golf Club offers a wide range of services, including a full-service Pro Shop, locker rooms for men and women, restaurant & bar facilities, and practice facilities (driving range).

The Resort’s Restaurants

One of the best amenities in this area is the food alternatives, many of which you can find at the Costa Baja Resort & Spa. Still, also you can drive to “Pueblito Marinero” in Marina Costa Baja to find excellent restaurants.

The exquisite culinary experience features the best regional Mexican cuisine and international flavors you cannot miss.

Steinbecks restaurant at Costa Baja La Paz, at the evening, some palm trees and some yachts on the back.
Steinbecks restaurant at Costa Baja La Paz

Inside Costa Baja La Paz

You can find the Steinbeck’s and Cardon Restaurant, both alternatives with a high level of sophistication, service, and exquisite dishes.

Also, the exquisite Sunset Lounge is a cocktail bar with a magnificent view of the Sea of Cortez.

Outside Costa Baja La Paz

You can find a great variety of Mediterranean, Japanese, and seafood restaurants. With so many delicious options to choose from, you’re sure to find something that will tantalize your taste buds!

We recommend Odayaka Sushi Bar and Azul Marino Mediterranean Cuisine, both located near the boardwalk of Marina Costa Baja.

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Exclusive Experiences in Costa Baja La Paz

Just by looking at the magnificent architecture of this beautiful resort, there is no doubt Costa Baja Resort & Spa is the most prestigious hotel in La Paz, Mexico.

Upon entering Costa Baja La Paz, you will find a grand lobby with marble floors and vaulted ceilings, imposing a unique style you’ll never forget.

Designed to offer breathtaking panoramic views of the Sea of Cortez from every angle, this stunning resort with 115 suites will provide all sorts of demands for glamorous travelers.

From relaxing swimming pools and fantastic restaurants to spectacular golf experiences and incredible fishing expeditions, Costa Baja La Paz is undeniably the perfect place for holidays.

Enjoy Costa Baja La Paz!

If you are looking for refreshing new experiences, Costa Baja La Paz is the right place for you. Come to explore the best of two worlds, the comfort and security of a first-class resort combined with its unique location in the Mexican desert of Baja Sur Peninsula!

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