Hotel Indigo La Paz: A Resort in The Mexican Desert

Costa Baja Resort & Spa aerial view with palm trees and marina dock with yachts.
Hotel Indigo La Paz Puerta Cortés

About Hotel Indigo La Paz

We won’t be lying if we say that the city of La Paz is undergoing a significant transformation— especially during the last decade. Year after year, this small and quiet beach town became a more sophisticated travel destination, offering an increasing number of experiences to visitors across the globe.

This expansion aligned with the inauguration ceremony of Hotel Indigo in 2010— Previously called CostaBaja Resort & Spa. Being the first grand resort built in La Paz, this promising event certainly influenced the future of this town in a very positive way.

This beautiful resort became an authentic gateway to the Sea of Cortez, offering stunning ocean views and first-class amenities like the exclusive Espíritu Spa and the incredible Golf Course El Cortés.

Without a doubt, this enchanting city holds a wealth of attractions as an emerging tourist destination in the years to come, and opting for a stay at Hotel Indigo La Paz promises unforgettable vacation experiences to Baja travelers.


Only 35 minutes away from La Paz Airport, this resort is located right on the coast of Pichilingue Bay, overlooking the Pacific Ocean— only 5 minutes away from incredible beaches like Balandra and El Tecolote.

You can take a taxi from the La Paz airport, but to be honest, using Uber might cost less money. In any case, it’s always good to check current rates— to avoid any inconvenience, you can pre-book your journey.

If you are in La Paz downtown, Hotel Indigo is only 10 to 15 minutes from the city center.

Puerta Cortés aerial view with the Marina, Golf course, Hotel Indigo, and the Sea of Cortez in La Paz Bay
Puerta Cortés Development in La Paz Bay

A Bajasur Luxury Project

Hotel Indigo is part of the 550-acre Puerta Cortés Development, which includes:

  • A Marina with a capacity for 250 boats
  • The Beach Club “Blue Cortés” with an infinity pool
  • The exclusive “Espíritu” Spa
  • An 18-hole championship Golf course “El Cortés”
  • A luxury complex with apartments and condos
  • Signature Restaurants
  • A community space, “Pueblito Marinero,” with shopping boutiques, restaurants, and varied services

This ambitious project was created to promote the city of La Paz as a tourist destination and, more precisely, as an alternative to Los Cabos.

As we all can imagine, gladly, the market needs are too wide to rely on a single destination. The truth is that La Paz had its chance to take off, and even though Hotel Indigo is a four-star oasis, it genuinely represents a new generation of luxury resorts in the Baja California Sur Peninsula—just about time!

Exclusive Experiences at Hotel Indigo La Paz

Designed to offer breathtaking panoramic views of the Sea of Cortez from every angle, this stunning resort with 115 suites can provide all sorts of demands from glamorous travelers.

Just by looking at the property fabric, Hotel Indigo stands out as one of the most prestigious resorts in La Paz— and we hope it keeps this standard permanently. Upon entering the facilities, the undeniable beauty of La Baja’s landscape leaves its mark on their guests’ hearts.

Scuba Diving in La Paz, Mexico (by Bluewater Travel)

But what makes this place so amazing compared to any other accommodation alternative in Mexico? The answer is short: The Aquarium of the World, as once the famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau named the Sea of Cortez. Besides offering high-quality amenities, this unique location poses one of the most diverse bodies of water on the planet, harboring over 900 species of fish and marine mammals.

So, coming here will guarantee many captivating activities and sea adventures like swimming with whale sharks, whale-watchingincredible fishing expeditions, and much more.

The perfect place for holidays? Absolutely.

The Gastronomy

Of course, this review couldn’t be complete without a dive into the foodie theme, and this resort definitely has a lot to offer—I say this from my own experience!

Indeed, one of my favorite amenities at Hotel Indigo is the food scene. Here, you can find two outstanding restaurants, Barco and Cardon, offering a contemporary twist on Mexican and international cuisines—in our opinion, both alternatives with a high level of sophistication and service.

Also, you can make a quick drive to “Pueblito Marinero” in the Marina Puerto Cortés to find other excellent restaurants. Our favorites here are Odayaka Sushi Bar and Majagua. We are also glad to say that the trendy coffee shop, Docecuarenta, has a delightful branch here.

Enjoy Hotel Indigo La Paz

If you are looking for refreshing new experiences, Hotel Indigo La Paz Puerta Cortés might be up to the task. As experienced Baja travelers, we openly encourage visitors to come and explore the best of two worlds: the comfort of a first-class resort and its unique pristine location in the Baja Sur Peninsula.

With an emphasis on environmentalism and glamour, this lovely hotel can give you a balanced experience filled with elegance and style but loaded with the rustic charm you can only find in the Mexican desert.

Without a doubt, this is a prime experience in La Paz, and we are glad to share it with our dear readers 🌵🍷🛥

Just one more question: have you packed your suitcases yet?

Happy Travels!

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