7 Best Hotels in La Paz Mexico

Greetings to our Baja travelers! Welcome to our 2024 updated post 🌵🌊🐋

For those who are still exploring La Baja and haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying La Paz in all its splendor, we have worked on an updated list of hotels that you will surely love.

Best Hotels in La Paz Mexico
Kiosk at Hotel Club El Moro

As mentioned in earlier posts, La Paz is a quaint town with a growing city atmosphere. When I was younger, I would visit for holidays to spend time with my family. Surprisingly, back then, it consisted of only a few squares with dusty roads and a rather rustic promenade. Who would have imagined, right?

Today, more and more people are coming here to settle, and with them, new hopes for a more vibrant place to live in— of course, to visit too.

While La Paz may not be recognized as a major hotel hub like Los Cabos, the array of options is expanding—just about time! That said, this post aims to highlight the finest choices for anyone looking to come to enjoy the beautiful city of La Paz.

Here we go 😃

7 Best Hotels in La Paz Mexico

Because this is a beautiful and in-the-making travel destination, the only drawback we could find was that some of these stays do not offer all-inclusive deals or even breakfast as part of the accommodation costs.

Other than that, everything else is absolutely fantastic, with attractive prices and locations around, so we suggest you check out this article to start planning your trip to La Paz.

1 . Orchid House Baja

This new addition to the town is part of the Orchid House brand, known for its presence in other destinations in Mexico. Situated not far from the start of the Malecon, it offers a tranquil and private experience, providing a welcome escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.

With only ten rooms, this Mexican boutique hotel excels in delivering top-tier luxury. Spacious chambers with high-end finishes contribute to its uniqueness, making it a true home away from home.

Despite its seemingly modest size, the hotel is well-suited for hosting large groups or special events like weddings. What captivated us the most was its exquisite appearance, reminiscent of a beautiful beach hacienda—all in white, adorned with arc-shaped structures, and surrounded by palm trees, facing the breathtaking La Paz Bay. This is truly a gem that will be hard to surpass.

Best Hotels in La Paz Mexico
Orchid House Baja La Paz

2 . Hotel Indigo La Paz Puerta Cortés

Previously called the Costa Baja Resort, this accommodation is the first of its kind, and we couldn’t leave it out of our list. This hotel underwent a few changes over time, but as of today, it still offers something that no other hotel can: a whole luxury complex experience away from the city noise.

The now-called Hotel Indigo is part of an ambitious setup with a yacht dock, beach club with an infinity pool, luxury spa, and golf course, as well as a residential condo area with restaurants and shops. No wonder this is one of the favorites of many in La Paz, right?

Besides all of these features, this alternative gladly has an unbeatable plus: Location. With a stunning setting on the Sea of Cortez, the Hotel Indigo offers guests an unforgettable view of the Aquarium of the World.

Best Hotels in La Paz Mexico
Hotel Indigo La Paz

3 . Hotel & Suites El Moro

At the beginning of this post, I said I had been coming to La Paz since I was very little. Well, that was over 30 years ago, and El Moro already existed. I remember being a 6-year-old and going on a pool day here, eating snacks and soda with my cousins and sister—lovely times!

One of the best qualities of this charming hotel is the location; although it is not exactly in the downtown area, the truth is that it is not too far, and it is possible to enjoy a tranquil evening with a beautiful sunset without the noise of the streets, especially during weekends.

That said, this hotel passed the test of time; no matter how many years, it is still a great choice. With singular Moorish architecture, you’ll enjoy a true local relic— hence its name, “El Moro.” If you decide to come to La Paz, you’ll not regret staying here; thousands of positive reviews cannot be wrong.

Aerial view of beachfronto hotel Club El Moro in La Paz Mexico.
Hotel Club El Moro

4 . Malecón 1680

If you are looking for a great central alternative, this is it. The Hotel Malecón 1680 is located in a prime spot, right at the promenade, within walking distance from iconic places like The Cathedral and the Baja California Sur Art Museum, as well as restaurants, bars, and shops.

Recently inaugurated in 2021, this 4-star hotel has great reviews, mainly due to its location and cleanliness. But to be honest, what caught our eye here was the exquisite design, with pretty elemental rooms but decorated quite elegantly, besides the lovely roof terrace—what a great view!

Conceived as an uncluttered yet stylish accommodation, this place is perfect for those who want to feel the La Paz town vibe. The distribution of Malecon 1680 is suitable for quick visits due to its dimensions, which are not big enough for an “on-site” unwind. Travel hack: if you stay here, bring some good earplugs, as the downtown area could be too noisy for some people.

Hotel Malecon 1680 terrace view in La Paz Mexico
Hotel Malecón 1680

5 . Hotel Catedral La Paz

The Hotel Catedral La Paz is hands down the most iconic stay in town, and that’s why we absolutely had to throw it on this list. Not only does its name make it impossible to forget, but it’s also situated in the middle of downtown, right next to the La Paz Cathedral.

This lodging showcases a harmonious architectural design that complements the iconic church—Something endearing, in my opinion. The best features? A lovely and ample inner courtyard and a rooftop terrace with a bar and a swimming pool.

If you stay at this place, I recommend trying their breakfast menu; it’s simply delicious—I’m talking from experience here! Like staying at Malecón 1680, you can enjoy quick walks around the trendiest bars, restaurants, and coffee shops just a few steps from the promenade.

Hotel Catedral terrace view in La Paz Mexico
Hotel Catedral

6 . Posada de las Flores

This colonial-inspired accommodation is one of the loveliest you’ll find in the city of La Paz. The decor is totally offbeat and doesn’t play by the rules of the typical ‘cookie-cutter’ hotels you see here. That’s exactly why we were totally hooked on it.

Located at the Malecon (2km from downtown), this boutique hotel gives you a chance to take a leisurely walk along the promenade before diving into the city’s hustle and bustle. The outdoor decoration is simply charming, like a summer Hacienda retreat, and it is impossible not to be enchanted with it.

Posada de la Flores has been around for ages, but it got a major revamp a few years ago, in 2018. With new and beautiful arrangements adapted to up its game, this stay has secured a special place on our top list— and in most guests’ hearts, too!

Backside view of Hotel Posada de las Flores in La Paz Mexico
Posada de las Flores La Paz

7 . Marea La Paz

This beachfront property sits at the far end of La Paz Malecon (across from The Orchid Hotel and Hotel Indigo), making it a solid option if you’re after a private retreat. Just double-check there’s no event popping off that could switch up the laid-back vibe for a Latin fiesta scene—hey, not that there’s anything wrong with that, right?

Even though it’s not smack dab in the city hustle, you can still have your cake and eat it too; just gotta snag a car rental or set aside some cash for Uber rides (FYI, Uber’s a steal down here in Mexico).

Why do we love Marea? This 8-room hotel boutique offers rustic Californian suites with ample space and beautiful decor, all without breaking the bank. Plus, they’ve got a glamping area, perfect for throwing down weddings or jamming out to live tunes— been there loads!

Hotel Marea La Paz building's front view in Baja California Sur, Mexico
Marea La Paz

Enjoy a Lovely Stay in La Paz!

Here you have it—hoping our 2024 list update helps you figure out where to crash when you hit up the rad city of La Paz

And hey, besides the options we’ve laid out, just know there are tons of other places with killer ocean views, top-notch amenities, and good service. At the end of the day, it’s all about your budget, your vibe, and, of course, your flavor!

Even though this place is not as popular as Los Cabos, we’re betting that it’s gonna flip real soon; this fast-growing beach town offers one of the most peaceful and relaxing spaces in the Mexican territory, everything from pristine beaches to fine dining restaurants.

Whether you’re rolling with the fam, squad, your significant other, or just flying solo, our charming and quiet little town of La Paz will be here to offer you the loveliest adventures in the Sea of Cortez.

Happy Travels! 🌵❤️🌊

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