7 Great Resorts With Swimmable Beaches In Cabo, Mexico

You want to come to Cabo and have the most fantastic holiday possible, but where to start? Here are seven resorts with swimmable beaches in Cabo to help you decide.

Check out our special listing next and find out which accommodations are worthy of a great vacation in Los Cabos with zero regrets!

Travel to Los Cabos

When it comes to deciding where to travel for vacations, experience is the primary key because, we like it or not. Holidays are made to build our most precious memories. 

Often, we can only think of our schedule, budget, and expectations (and nowadays, restrictions too), but in this post, we want to go above and beyond and share with you valuable info to enjoy the very best of Los Cabos.

Snorkeling woman swimming next to a whale shark in Baja California Sur, Mexico.
Swim with whale sharks in Baja California Sur, México.

As you might realize, Los Cabos is an area located in Baja California Sur, which encloses the two most touristic destinations that exist in this Mexican State: Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo, both located on a breathtaking shoreline sharing the spectacular Sea of Cortezaka “The World’s Aquarium” according to the famous French oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau

These two cities offer Baja travelers a wide range of experiences, from the fantastic whale watching tours to the finest dining restaurants where you can be delighted by gourmet dishes. 

But make no mistake, not every space in this coastal paradise is safe for swimming as there are only a few spots where you can snorkel and chill on the beaches like a cool human seaweed with its Raybans on. 

Keep reading to find out more about swimmable beaches in Cabo and where the best spots are to stay!

The Best Resorts with Swimmable Beaches in Cabo

Little is known about the peculiarities involving Los Cabos beaches. For this article, we will focus solely on Cabo San Lucas as this city contains a lot of touristic power due to its great variety of attractions and fun activities. It’s by far the most popular travel destination in Baja Sur.

People walking on Medano swimmable beach in Cabo, Mexico.
Medano swimmable beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

If you wonder where the best locations are to go for a swim and enjoy the beautiful landscapes, we are here to tell you that Medano Beach happens to be the main swimmable beach in Cabo San Lucas.

Depending on the time of year, Medano beach can also be unswimmable (to find out more about this gorgeous beach, you can read our full review here).

Along with other resorts with swimmable beaches in Los Cabos like Lover’s Beach (Playa del Amor), Palmilla Beach, Santa María beach, and Chileno beach, the former is considered a hot spot for Baja Travelers. 

Here you can find something that most hotels in the area can’t offer: suites with scenic sea views and direct access to the beach.

The 7 Best Resorts with Swimmable Beaches in Cabo

Whether you decide to go for a family-bonding holiday, a romantic getaway, or a wild long weekend with your besties, the blue flag swimmable Medano beach has it all, starting from the best resorts. 

1.     Casa Dorada Los Cabos Resort & Spa 

This fantastic five-star resort is the closest to the Cabo San Lucas Marina (according to our selection), located only 5 minutes of walking distance. You still can have direct access to the swimmable beach, which makes it accountable for a fantastic travel experience. To read our full review about Casa Dorada, feel free to click here.

Casa Dorada pool area facing medano beach, resorts with swimmable beaches in Cabo, Mexico.
Casa Dorada pool area

Casa Dorada Resort & Spa is an excellent place for families looking for fun and comfort, with modern suites and lovely spaces dedicated to children, and even better, they love pets!

Surrounded by different types of restaurants, friendly bars, and shops, this all-inclusive resort provides an authentic atmosphere of rest and recreation.

Here visitors can truly relax with a deep tissue massage at their award-winning “SaltwaterSpa” but also go for a scuba diving expedition or book a visit to the heart-racing zip line at the “Wild Canyon Adventure Park.”

Needless to say, the food is beyond expectations! Here you can try tasty snacks at the pool and international cuisine gourmet-quality dishes, all provided by the five dining spaces with 24 hours service.

Breathtaking sea views, high standard service, friendly staff, relaxing pools to swim in, and more that’s why this resort is on the top of our list.

2.     Villa Del Arco Beach Resort & Spa

This all-inclusive resort is part of the big hotel complex, The Villa Group, giving it a similarly themed ambiance among the other sister properties. You will find beauty, comfort, and beach sand anywhere you go.

Villa Del Arco pool area with suite buildings and palm trees on the sides, facing to Medano beach in Los Cabos, Mexico.
Villa Del Arco Beach Resort & Spa, Cabo San Lucas

With more than 2500 reviews, customers strongly agree that the most significant value for this resort lies in the authentic service-oriented staff that provides personal attention 24/7. There is nothing this crew would not do for you to make you have an incredibly relaxing experience.

Besides the accommodating atmosphere, visitors can feel the luxury on their skin at the award-winning “Desert Spa,” the largest in all of Baja Sur, with a full-service beauty salon and a magnificent Fitness Center. 

Without question, Baja travelers can enjoy staying in one of the best all-inclusive resorts in Cabo and explore amenities like cooking classes for adults, pool volleyball, beach soccer, outdoor excursions, golf courses, fishing, and special activities for children. 

3.     Villa La Estancia Beach Resort & Spa

Like Villa Del Arco, this nicely themed stay is part of The Villa Group, and to be honest, we can call this beautiful resort a heart-warming place. 

Villa La Estancia pool area facing Medano beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
Villa La Estancia Beach Resort & Spa

In this hotel you can become “part of the family” as the super friendly staff will do anything to make you feel at home, according to many visitors.

One thing we love about this fantastic resort is the distinctive look of their luxurious suites. You can feel the sunny Mexican vibe inside and out of this place and yet still have a glammy stay like no other with one of the most heavenly panoramic views of the Sea of Cortez.

Villa La Estancia shows mind-blowing Spanish colonial architecture, inspired by the authentic Hacienda ambiance but with an alluring touch of palm trees, all designed to make you sleep lulled by the soft sound of sea waves. 

To sum up, Baja Travelers can find many entertaining activities for all the family, making it the perfect place to bring your children: cooking and baking, bowling, face painting, mini-golf, sport fishing, kayak and paddleboard tours, and so much more!

4.     Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Golf & Spa Resort

This is probably the most charming and artistic resort you will find in Cabo San Lucas, with scenic sea views and a unique breathtaking style! A “must-do” if you want to get all in one: a glamourous stay with a fantastic swimmable beach at the front.

Pueblo Bonito Resort facing the beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Golf & Spa Resort

Pueblo Bonito is part of a successful hotel chain that has achieved above and beyond by offering customers unique experiences. They have created an app to make it modern, quick, and easy for you.

With colorful suites and striking sunset views from your balcony, this place honors its name, “Pretty Town,” translated to English. 

This all-inclusive resort has something more to offer as it is isolated on a private coastal bluff to provide safety and privacy like no other space on Medano beach.  

There are many things we can highlight from this beautiful family-friendly resort. Still, we believe that the top 1 amenity is its award-winning Quivira Golf Club, with the most incredible oceanfront view you will encounter in this area. 

5.     Pueblo Bonito Rosé Resort & Spa

If you are looking for a memorable holiday, this Greco-Roman-themed resort will take your breath away in a blink of an eye. 

As part of the big Pueblo Bonito family, this luxurious and magical hotel must be on our most exemplary resorts list and is presented as a top Instagrammable spot in Cabo.

For sure, the spectacular Sea of Cortez view and the direct access to the best swimmable beach in the area is the main attractions of this beautiful resort. 

Pueblo Bonito Rose pink building decorated with palm trees and facing the beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
Pueblo Bonito Rosé Resort & Spa

But also believe that any visitor can be astonished by the incredible dining experience offered by this all-inclusive resort. 

With full access to 12 different high-quality gourmet restaurants, all providing excellent service and located with fantastic ocean views, you will not get bored in this place: Top-level bars, pool cocktail service, and a unique urban marketplace with European style. You will never want to leave! 

There are numerous amenities inside this five-star resort, including a luxurious Spa with full service, a tennis court, and a fitness area, to mention a few.  

As you can expect, you can also explore outdoor activities like swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, scuba diving, pool volleyball, and many more.

6.     Hotel Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas

Hotel Riu Palace is perhaps one of Cabo’s most modern resorts with swimmable beaches. It is perfect for families and couples who want to spend a memorable getaway in Mexico.

As a successful hotel chain, Riu Hotels have figured it all out with sophistication and true worldwide expertise. This smashing all-inclusive resort can allure your senses as nothing else can. 

With fantastic and very distinctive architecture, you will be surrounded by a striking luxury resort with impressive views. 

Aereal view of Hotel Riu Palace facing Medano beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
Hotel Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas

This is simply the classic style you look for when booking a holiday, and nothing can go wrong here.

You will find two beautifully arranged large pools where you can swim and relax with a cocktail from the swim-up bar while your kids have fun at the children’s swimming pool. 

Among other amenities, there are up to 6 restaurants, the “Renova Spa” with a hairdressing service, a tennis court, and a volleyball court, but also you can have access to group fitness activities as part of the RiuFit program. 

Outside this grand hotel, you can always go horse riding, sailing, golf, snorkeling, and scuba diving, or enjoy a catamaran outing.

We must say that this hotel has strong policies to maintain the maximum level of tranquillity and peace. If you are a student looking for a blasting spring break, this might not be the place for you, but don’t worry, you still have the Hotel Riu Santa Fe 5* next door, a well-known resort for its fun pool party events with music and live shows for adults. 

7.     Corazón Cabo Resort & Spa

Formerly called Cabo Villas Beach Resort & Spa, this recently renewed resort is a unique combination of local touch with city lights and the beach vibe element, making it the perfect spot for many Cabo visitors. 

This resort is famous for its incredible scenery and enviable access to great local restaurants and countless shopping centers like the Luxury Avenue Boutique Mall where you’ll find the most exclusive brands like Cartier, Fendi, etc.

But even better, this glammy mall offers a tax-free service you will love when doing your shopping. All of this is just 8 minutes walking away from the resort. 

Corazón Cabo Resort & Spa aereal view facing Medano beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
Corazón Cabo Resort & Spa

Here you can spend gorgeous evenings walking around the famous and pleasant marina dock while you enjoy delicious ice cream from the local shops. 

Like all other high-quality hotels, this one also offers a variety of activities such as fishing trips, off-road adventures, and many more.

We think the best attribute of Corazón Cabo Resort & Spa is its enviable location, showing the most stunning landscape with Mexican originality you will love to witness. 

Our Advice for Baja Travellers

We think you will have the most fantastic experience in any of these resorts we have selected for our reviews. 

Whenever you decide to travel to Baja Sur, we firmly recommend researching according to your needs and expectations. 

To our dear Baja travelers, we would like to invite them to check discounts, packages, and special offers always seasonally available to avoid overpriced vacations.

We hope our listing of resorts can answer ‘the big question’ when it comes to deciding where to make a booking and spend the most incredible holiday in Mexico. 

Please feel free to leave your comments below for any suggestions or additions to our list! We would love to know and hear from you.

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