How to Spend 3 Perfect Days In La Paz Mexico

La Paz Mexico is a relaxing, laid-back city with a fantastic atmosphere for locals and tourists alike, and undoubtedly, you and your family or friends will find this place perfect for spending a few days in total bliss.

Hence, that’s why we decided to create a complete guide to suggest “How to Spend 3 Perfect Days in La Paz Mexico”.

Colorful sign of "La Paz" city at the Malecon, in Baja California Sur, Mexico.
The Malecon of La Paz

To give a little bit of context, La Paz translates to “the peace” in Spanish. It was definitely a very particular casualty when one of the first groups of settlers from Spain named this land in 1596, driven more by a religious background than any other reason.

Nowadays, La Paz undeniably lives up to this name, with its slow-paced lifestyle, beautiful beaches, and pleasant waterfront promenade featuring great restaurants. Who would have thought, right?

For most people, life in La Paz moves slowly and calmly as if everyone who lives here is on a permanent vacation, and that’s precisely the way they like it.

For all those things, you can be sure La Paz is an excellent location for a weekend. In this article, we would like to share “How to Spend 3 Perfect Days,” and this includes:

  • Where to stay
  • Where to eat
  • And things to do

Where to stay in La Paz Mexico

First things first: Check into Hotel Catedral La Paz for the weekend

If you are a tourist and this is your very first time in La Paz, one of the most iconic places to stay is Hotel Catedral La Paz.

This picturesque stay is located at the very heart of downtown La Paz. There will undoubtedly be no other place that can match the experience of walking around the most trendy area and give you a delightful view of the city from a modern rooftop terrace.

Roof terrace of Hotel Catedral La Paz, with yellow and grey cushions, two shades, and colorful Mexican chairs.
Hotel Catedral La Paz roof terrace


Where to Eat

If you love Mexican food, Maria California Restaurant is the right spot for a perfect brunch – if you prefer to skip breakfast at the hotel, this is definitely a great alternative – here you can order a variety of traditional dishes like enchiladas, chilaquiles, huevos fritos, and much more.

Maria California has been operating for many, many years, and indeed, this place is a local favorite. We can confirm their food is delicious and worth of try! We personally recommend Rajas con Crema or Chilaquiles as our favorites, but really, anything will be delicious.

Mexican dish rajas con crema, beans and two fried eggs at Maria California restaurant in La Paz, Mexico.
Rajas con crema Mexican dish at Maria California

This place is an enchanting palapa-style restaurant a few blocks from the Malecon that opens from 7:30 to 14:00, except for Tuesdays as they are closed.

Here the experience is quite pleasant as they sometimes play cheerful live music, making it a perfect place for families and groups of all ages.

For dinner, we recommend one of the 100 best restaurants in all of Mexico, Las Tres Vírgenes – or The Three Virgins – just a couple of blocks away from the Hotel Catedral.

This place fits perfectly well with our listing. Their primary focus is to deliver the best food experience, inspired in Baja California Sur gastronomy and accompanied with Baja California Norte wine.

Las Tres Vírgenes restaurant specialties are mainly seasonal firewood-cooked meat, fish, and seafood served with organic vegetables from local farms. Anything you order will blow your mind for sure!

This fantastic restaurant is simply a La Paz classic and, therefore, unmissable.

What to do in La Paz Mexico

On your first day in La Paz, it is always lovely to spend time in the central area, that’s why we think having an exciting paddleboarding session or swimming with shark whales in La Paz bay (in front of the Malecon) can be a great choice.

You can walk to the restaurant Harker Board CO and rent the paddleboard for a fair price, or if you prefer so, book a 3-hour shark whale tour for MXN 2,800 (USD 134.58 approx.). Also, you can access this activity online.

Harker Board CO not only offers tours and rental equipment but also has a reputation as a great restaurant with a little bit of ‘beach pub’ vibe. Here you’ll find one of the selling points for a delicious local beer – but internationally distributed – Baja Brewing CO.

This beer brand is inspired by La Baja Sur and was created in San José del Cabo by three Americans from Colorado, who seized their opportunity and launched a successful international beer brand you cannot miss.

After your paddleboard session or shark whale tour, there is nothing more refreshing than a Raspberry Ale ‘Baja Razz’ with one of the best views in La Paz that only a few places like Harker Board CO can give you: The Malecon.


Waitress with purple apron carrying two trays full of traditional Mexican sweet bread in Dulce Romero, La Paz, Mexico.
Dulce Romero Panadería y Orgánicos

Where to eat

For your second day in La Paz, we recommend one of our favorite places for brunch, Dulce Romero Panadería & Orgánicos.

This place is an absolute success. This European-styled bakery offers a wide variety of food, from healthy smoothies and delicious coffee to exquisite tuna sandwiches and poaches eggs on toast – these are our favs!

As of today, the menu prices here won’t go further than MXN 160 (USD 7.70 approx.).

After a delicious brunch, you can buy all sorts of organic products like loaves of whole-grain bread, kefir, or pesto and seasonal bakery products! It’s yummy heaven.

Our kind reminder here: Dulce Romero is closed on Sunday, just in case you were thinking of swapping days.

Two dishes served with a glass and bottle of wine at Sorstis restaurant in La Paz, Mexico.
Sorstis Restaurant La Paz Mexico

To keep the European vibe during Saturday, there is no better place than Sorstis Restaurante. We recommend this beautifully arranged establishment to enjoy a fabulous dinner you will never forget.

Locals and tourists love this Mediterranean cuisine restaurant, where you can be delighted by Jazz live music, starting at 20:30 – as they play every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday – a show that definitely will enhance your experience here.

What to do in La Paz Mexico

For a perfect three days in La Paz Mexico, there is one activity that cannot be skipped: Sportfishing.

The Bay of La Paz is one of the main fishing spots in the area, along with La Ventana, El Sargento, and Bahía de los Sueños.

We can assure Baja travelers that this is a no-brainer activity, you’ll not regret the opportunity of catching a big fish like tuna, marlin, or roosterfish during the season.

A woman and a man holding a mahi mahi fish in a sportfishing tour in La Paz, Mexico.
Sportfishing tour in La Paz, Mexico

For those worried about marine life, there is a “Catch and Release” modality that makes the fun “guilt-free.”

To get the best of this activity and comply with the Mexican government regulations, it is crucial to book a tour with certified operators like Tailhunter International Sportfishing or Baja Adventure Co., both with undeniable experience and hundreds of positive reviews from previous customers.

If you are tempted to try this activity, you can start by exploring the La Paz Mexico fishing calendar here.


Where to eat

Before you go on your last adventure for the weekend, you can stop by and grab a delicious takeaway coffee with a soft buttery croissant and get ready for the last day in this beautiful city.

Doce Cuarenta Coffee House is the right spot in La Paz Mexico. This booming hub for coffee lovers has made its way to the hall of fame, now with new branches in Todos Santos and Cabo San Lucas. yep, that’s how good it is.

As for the last day, if you are interested in getting some souvenirs from your Baja Sur trip, then Doce Cuarenta might be your place. Here you’ll find modern and unique merchandise like mugs, sweaters, travel bags, and more.

Bismark-cito Lobster House is the go-to place for a fantastic closure, no doubt! This seafood paradise serves superb paellas every Sunday you probably will feel tempted to try. In any case, we can guarantee to any visitor their dishes are all stunning: lobster, ceviche, fish and seafood tacos, burgers… you’ll be blown away with every mouthful.

We genuinely think every Baja Sur traveler deserves a perfect “good-bye dinner” with the very best view of the La Paz Malecon. After all, we want to have you back, right?

Outdoor seating area with ocean view and two groups of people eating at Bismark-cito restaurant in La Paz, Mexico.
Bismark-cito Lobster House La Paz

Where to go

And the very last – but not least – for our three perfect days in La Paz Mexico, our suggestion is to visit one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico: Playa Balandra.

Making space in your itinerary to visit Balandra will make this trip unforgettable. To read more about this fabulous place, you can check out our Balandra Beach Complete Guide for 2022, where you can find out how to get there and, more importantly, how to get the very best of this beautiful beach.

If you are planning a more intense last adventure, we recommend you book online a private tour to Balandra beach for a reasonable price.

This way, you’ll be able to reach other memorable spots in Baja Sur like Todos Santos and Playa Cerritos in El Pescadero locality, a total blast that will inspire you for future trips!


No matter what you decide for spending a weekend in La Paz Mexico, we know it will be hard not to enjoy the travel adventure as this place is full of remarkable restaurants and pleasant activities that mostly involve the Malecon area.

Whatever you think is best for you, we hope this article can help you plan a beautiful Baja Sur escapade.

If you decide to try any of our suggestions here, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment for us. We would love to hear from you!

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