Spend 3 Perfect Days in La Paz Mexico

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As a true Baja lover, there is no better place than La Paz, Mexico, to loosen up with friends and family. Many years ago, when I used to come here for holidays I realized this beautiful town would become a precious travel spot— and that day has come.

Perfect for both locals and visitors, the charming city of La Paz will always evoke a sense of tranquility. That’s why we’ve put together a handy guide on “3 Perfect Days in La Paz Mexico”.

Scenic view of Beach in La Paz, BCS, featuring a picturesque coastal landscape with blue waters, and a beautiful sky.
La Paz coastal landscape

A bit of context about La Paz

In a fun twist, La Paz translates to “The Peace” in English. Back in 1596, when Spanish settlers named the land, it was a random choice rooted more in their religious vibes than anything else.

Nowadays, this city undeniably lives up to this name, with its slow-paced lifestyle, beautiful beaches, and pleasant promenade featuring great restaurants. It’s like living on a permanent vacation. Who would have thought, right?

For all those things, you can be sure La Paz is an excellent location for a weekend. In this article, we would like to share how to spend 3 perfect days here, including:

  • Where to stay,
  • Where to eat,
  • And things to do!

Where to stay in La Paz Mexico

If you are a tourist and this is your first time in La Paz, you might want to know how to find the best places to stay. Fortunately, we can recommend; here our top 3:

Interior of a room at Baja Club Hotel in La Paz, BCS, with modern decor, and a warm ambiance
Baja Club Hotel in La Paz Mexico

This is one of our favorites when we need “good value for money” —plus, location is a 10! Is just one of the best in town for economic trips.

This beautiful and picturesque place earned its superb rate and there is no doubt you will enjoy staying here when you come to La Paz.

For our luxury travelers we have this option we love so much. Baja Club is quickly becoming an iconic place in La Paz and if you want to go big, you go Baja Club!

Spend 3 Perfect Days in La Paz

Now that we’ve shared some additional details, let’s cut to the chase. Ready to spend 3 perfect days in La Paz?

Day 1: Friday

Where to eat

Breakfast or brunch: Maria California Restaurant

Dinner: Casamarte Oyster Bar & Grill

Scenic view of Casamarte restaurant in La Paz, BCS, showing fresh seafood and drinks in front of the picturesque Malecon
Casamarte Oyster Bar & Grill at La Paz Mexico

Our comments

If you’re a fan of Mexican cuisine, Maria California is the right spot for a perfect brunch. I have loved this place since its beginnings over a decade ago, the food is absolutely delicious. My top pick is, of course, the Chilaquiles! but honestly, everything on the menu is a 10.

For dinner, we selected a new addition in town: Casamarte Oyster Bar & Grill. This restaurant is all about giving you the ultimate La Paz experience, situated in front of the Malecon, you can order amazing food and enjoy fantastic mixology drinks while having scenic views of the Sea of Cortez.

Things to do

It is always lovely to start by hanging out in La Paz Bay, that’s why we think having a paddleboarding session or swimming with whale sharks can be a great choice.

Then, after your first-day adventure, there is nothing quite as refreshing as sipping on a ‘Peyote’ IPA at Harker Board CO, while you get delighted by the beautiful Malecon in La Paz — hence, this is where you can rent paddleboards!

Majestic whale shark gracefully swims alongside a boat with several divers in La Paz BCS

Day 2: Saturday

Where to eat

Breakfast or brunch: Dulce Romero Panadería & Orgánicos

Dinner: Sorstis Restaurante

Our comments

For your second day in La Paz, we recommend Dulce Romero Panadería & Orgánicos. This place is an absolute success.

This European-styled bakery offers a wide variety of food, from healthy smoothies and delicious coffee to exquisite tuna sandwiches (my favorite!) and poached eggs on toast.

After a delicious brunch, you can buy all sorts of organic products like loaves of whole-grain bread, kefir, or pesto and seasonal bakery products.

Delectable tuna sandwich at Dulce Romero bakery in La Paz, BCS – a delicious treat from a cozy spot in Baja California Sur
Dulce Romero bakery in La Paz Mexico

To keep the European vibe on Saturday, there is no better place than Sorstis Restaurante. We recommend this beautifully arranged establishment to enjoy a fabulous dinner in Baja.

Locals and tourists love this Mediterranean cuisine restaurant, and personally what I enjoy the most is the Jazz live music they play every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 20:30.

Things to do

There is one activity nobody should miss when coming to La Paz Mexico: Sportfishing. Honestly, I think Saturday would be the perfect day to give it a go if you are here for the weekend— Hopefully, the weather allows it!

We can assure Baja travelers that this is a no-brainer activity, you’ll not regret the opportunity of catching a big fish like yellowfin tuna, marlin, or roosterfish during the season. For those concerned about marine life, there’s a “Catch and Release” modality that makes the fun completely guilt-free.

Colorful tuna captured in La Paz, BCS, showing the vibrant marine life and the thrill of deep-sea fishing adventures
Sportfishing in La Paz Mexico

To get the best of this activity and comply with the Mexican government regulations, it is crucial to book a tour with certified operators like Tailhunter International Sportfishing or Baja Adventure Co., both with undeniable experience and hundreds of positive reviews from previous customers.

Day 3: Sunday

Where to eat

Breakfast or brunch: Doce Cuarenta Coffee House

Dinner: Bismark-cito Lobster House

Our comments

Before you go on your last adventure in La Paz, you can stop by and grab a delicious takeaway coffee with a soft buttery croissant at Doce Cuarenta Coffee House.

This booming hub for coffee lovers has made its way to the hall of fame, now with new branches in Todos Santos and Cabo San Lucas— In case you were wondering!

As for a perfect “farewell feast”, Bismark-cito Lobster House is your go-to spot. This place is a true gastronomic relic in La Paz with over 50 years in business. We genuinely think every Bajasur traveler deserves a memorable send-off with the absolute best view of the La Paz Malecon!

Outdoor seating area with ocean view and two groups of people eating at Bismark-cito restaurant in La Paz, Mexico.
Bismark-cito Lobster House La Paz

Things to do

And last—but not least, for our three perfect days in La Paz Mexico, our suggestion is to visit one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico: Playa Balandra.

Making space in your itinerary to explore Balandra will make this trip unforgettable. To read more about this fabulous beach, you can check out our complete guide, where you can discover the ins and outs of getting there and, more importantly, how to unlock the very best of it.

***If you are planning a more intense adventure, we recommend you book a private tour to Balandra for a reasonable price.


Regardless of your weekend plans in La Paz, we know it will be hard not to enjoy this Mexican getaway. Our beautiful town is full of remarkable restaurants and pleasant activities amid the wonderful Sea of Cortez — yep, here we don’t envy city life!

Whatever you think is best for you, we hope this article can help you plan a beautiful Baja Sur escapade. After all, our goal is to make sure you’re eager to return, right?

If you decide to try any of our suggestions here, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment for us. We would love to hear from you.

¡Nos vemos!

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