How to get to La Paz Mexico complete guide

Discover the best ways to travel to La Paz Mexico, with our comprehensive guide. Learn how to get to La Paz Mexico, by air and land, including through Tijuana, San Jose del Cabo and Guadalajara. Plan your journey with ease and enjoy the beauty of this stunning Mexican destination. Start exploring today!

The La Paz International Airport is small, calm and efficient.  At this time, however, they do not offer international flights.  In the past, both Alaska Airlines (via Los Angeles) and American Airlines (via Dallas and Phoenix) offered flights from the United States to La Paz.  Loreto International Airport is approximately a three and a half hour drive from La Paz and at this time has flights from Los Angeles (Alaska Airlines) and Phoenix (American Airlines).  We hope that these flights return to La Paz in the not too distant future.

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How to get to La Paz Mexico via Tijuana

Flights from Tijuana arrive to La Paz a few times daily. An extremely viable travel path to La Paz is the Cross Border Xpress (CBX).  CBX ( is a pedestrian footbridge between San Diego and the Tijuana International Airport.  Your CBX and airline tickets are scanned prior to accessing the footbridge.  Not only does the Tijuana Airport offer flights to La Paz, but also many other destinations in Mexico. 

Going the other direction into the United States, you can take public transportation, taxi or Uber to the San Diego Airport.  We have not personally traveled via CBX, but will for the first time in a few months.  Our son and many of our friends have used this option when traveling to and from Baja.  So far we haven’t heard any negative reviews.

How to get to La Paz Mexico via San Jose del Cabo

The San Jose del Cabo International Airport has become extremely busy and provides many, many flight options.  The airport is about a two and a half hour drive from La Paz on a nice highway (as always driving at night is not recommended due to cattle on the roads).  Multiple options are available for transportation to La Paz or any of the other BCS destinations. 

These include a public bus, Eco Baja Shuttle (, car rental, and a multitude of private drivers/services that can get you safely to your destination. Taking either one of the bus options will add some time to the trip. Many like the private driver option as they can include a trip to Costco in Cabo to stock up on groceries before heading to La Paz.

How to get to La Paz Mexico via Guadalajara

Recently we have had friends experience flying Volaris Airlines through Guadalajara and then on to La Paz, with positive feedback regarding the trip.  Volaris flights are available from many US cities.  If you are traveling from the East Coast, a flight through Mexico City is likely the best path.  Our Canadian friends typically travel through the San Jose del Cabo Airport, which offers many direct flights to larger Canadian cities.  

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Mexican Airlines and airports

A word about Mexican Airlines and airports.  From La Paz, we have flown directly to Guadalajara for a long weekend, through Mexico City enroute to Atlanta (during the holidays!) and through Mexico City to Oaxaca.  These three trips were hassle free and smooth.  They have an effective boarding and deplaning process (boarding/deplaning from both ends of the plane and organized lines). 

The airport in Mexico City is huge and gate assignments are not posted until within an hour of scheduled departure.  This could be stressful, but seemed to work out just fine.  Ample staff have been on hand to provide information and point you in the right direction.  The Guadalajara and Oaxaca airports are much smaller, but also provided friendly and efficient service. 

Once you are in Mexico, flights within the country are very inexpensive.  When planning your travel, it would be feasible to include several destinations within Mexico to explore.  In fact, there is a ferry to and from La Paz/Mazatlan.  I continue to be thrilled and amazed by this beautiful, diverse country.

Do you have some time and an adventuresome spirit?  The drive down Baja is breathtakingly beautiful with many scenic places to stop along the way.  You could drive long days and make the trip quickly, or opt for a slower pace – driving a few hours a day to experience Baja in a more leisurely way.  We have not done this yet – it’s been fast and furious so far – but I am looking forward to a slower trip someday.

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