Where to Watch the Breathtaking La Paz Mexico Sunset

Countless options exist for catching a stunning La Paz Mexico sunset.  The world famous three mile long malecon has lovely benches along its entirety that provide perfect spots.  While the beach in this area is narrow, there are also palapas for your use if you choose to have a picnic or a take away meal while you enjoy the sunset.  The malecon is also an ideal spot to “people watch”, with no shortage of activity.  Volleyball games, street hockey, roller blading, skateboarding, bike riding, and vendors selling food and trinkets are just a few of the activities you would see on any given evening.  This area is very family friendly (as is most of La Paz).

Along the malecon are seemingly endless dining options.  Just about any type of food is available and most of the restaurants offer outdoor dining.  Our favorites spots to watch the sunset from a restaurant on the malecon are:

baja club hotel rooftop bar
Baja Club Hotel Rooftop Bar

Baja Club Hotel Rooftop Bar

Baja Club Hotel Rooftop Bar – housed within the cool and trendy Baja Club Hotel, this bar provides a 4th story view over the center of the malecon.  We visited a few weeks ago and had delicious tapas and creative cocktails. It was also nice to see the inside of the hotel that I heard so much about – it’s beautiful.

la paz mexico sunset
El Zarape

El Zarape

El Zarape – this spot offers all day, every day, two for one margaritas and mojitos! We’ve enjoyed many sunsets while dining at this restaurant.  Their food is consistently excellent and fairly priced given their prime malecon location.  Not to be missed is their other location in Centro.  A much larger restaurant that offers a buffet with food from different regions in Mexico as well as a huge variety of tequilas. 

Seis Uno Dos Rooftop

These two places have been mentioned before, but are worth another “plug”…Seis Uno Dos Rooftop.  Excellent view, as well as inventive food and cocktails.  It’s a walk up – four stories – but worth it!  The other is Oliva del Mare –  while this is indoor dining, the view their floor to ceiling windows provide is beyond comparison.  This is our “special occasion” spot, with fabulous Italian food and wonderful cocktails and desserts.  While it is a bit higher end, it provides the food and setting to support the price (which really isn’t too expensive).

Overlooking El Tecolote beach turquoise waters and mountains on the back.
El Tecolote Beach

El Tecolote Beach

Dreaming of a sunset from a quiet beach spot?  Tecolote Beach can provide it! While sometimes it seems a bit busy at this gorgeous beach, solitude and privacy can be found by venturing to either end of this area away from the restaurants.  There are paths that can be taken to points above the beach that would also offer great views.

El Mogote

On the absolute other end of La Paz, great sunsets can be viewed from El Mogote.  El Mogote doesn’t have services available, but if you are looking for privacy, this is the spot for you!  Depending on the season, the sunset will be either a desert or water view. In our many visits to Mogote, we have rarely seen anyone else.  The exception to this is Saturday evening or anytime on Sunday when locals enjoy the beach on what is for many of them their only day off each week. And the dunes are fantastic!

Cerro Atravesado

Do you enjoy hiking?  Accessed in Centro La Paz, Cerro Atravesado provides a fairly easy hike to the top of a butte.  This is a busy path, frequented by local hikers and joggers.  The ground surface is mostly even but with areas of steep incline.  The top can be reached within 40 minutes and the reward is a 360 view of all of La Paz.

cerro atravesado la paz
Cerro Atravesado

Cerro de la Calavera

A more challenging and less traveled trail would be Cerro de la Calavera.  Located just minutes from the end of the malecon, this area has several trail options that lead to high buttes overlooking the Bay of La Paz.  This hike is much quieter – we didn’t encounter but one other hiker and a few cyclists.  While the sunset is awe-inspiring, you would want to begin your downward trek quickly (before it is completely dark) as it is quite rocky.

One of our most memorable sunset views was from the water!  We were invited on a sunset cruise on a sailboat.  We left from Palmira Marina on a charter, and it was a great experience. Most marinas have independent contractors that offer a variety of options.  The marinas themselves are strikingly beautiful and each offers at least a few dining options. Costa Baja Marina and Resort has at least nine!

This is just a brief sampling of sunset options.  Don’t forget to plan for the monthly full moon rises!

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