ACRE San José del Cabo: A Unique Treehouse Hotel in Mexico

If you are looking for a unique travel experience with a touch of nature, ACRE San José del Cabo – also known as ACRE Baja – is the go-to place in Los Cabos.

Acre Treehouse Hotel main entrance decorated with cactuses and palm trees with lighted steps at the front.
Acre Treehouse Hotel’s main entrance

A few years back, in 2018, I went to Cabo to work on a photoshoot session with a good friend of mine. He had chosen ACRE Baja as where we were supposed to do the job.

I had no idea that I would find myself absorbed by the beauty of this place. I remember walking through the main entrance, following my team, and arriving at a pool party. Near the pool area, there was the cutest little farm with goats, peacocks, dogs, and donkeys.

Yep, I was not interested in the pool party more than petting these fellas.

After the photoshoot, we walked around ACRE, and I couldn’t stop observing the whole place. I was astonished by a unique fusion of mother earth and sophistication.

That was all I needed.

I knew I’d write about this place. I just had to.

ACRE San José del Cabo

San José del Cabo is a city in the famous area of Los Cabos, just about 40 minutes away from Cabo San Lucas, the latter is known as a party place for young travelers and locals.

Because San José del Cabo is renowned for being less active than Cabo San Lucas, most development projects are dedicated to providing a different travel experience from traditional nightclubs and music festivals.

Here you can find remoteness and elegance. In two words: mother nature – at its best!

ACRE San José del Cabo was planned to follow this direction, offering guests a one-of-a-kind experience, with beautiful rooms nestled in the branches of tall palm trees. Can you believe it?

Three treehouses popping out of the palm tree area in Acre San José del Cabo, Mexico.
Luxury treehouses at Acre San José del Cabo

Feel the breeze and the sunlight sneaking into your treehouse and take your first outdoor shower on the top of a palm tree oasis without having to say goodbye to luxury and comfort.

And of course, there are many amenities you’ll love about ACRE, from vibrant dining experiences at the restaurant or the fantastic rooftop terrace to enjoy the lovely company of “Burrito” at the animal sanctuary.

I am genuinely sure you’ll love staying at ACRE, the exclusive treehouse hotel in San José del Cabo, Mexico!

What’s So Special About ACRE

ACRE is an eco-friendly hotel that offers guests a truly unique experience. Each room is nestled in the branches of a tree, and many have breathtaking views of the ocean.

You’ll get to enjoy beautiful sunsets while relaxing on your private balcony or stargaze from bed by opening up the ceiling windows right above you!

ACRE wants their guests to feel like they’re staying in paradise – which is precisely what it feels like when you wake up surrounded by nature every morning.

You won’t find anything else quite like this magical place anywhere else in San José del Cabo, Mexico.

Treehouse interior with wooden floor and a white clean bed with palm trees outside.
Treehouse interior at Acre San José del Cabo

The Story Behind ACRE

It started when two Canadian travelers – and friends- Cameron and Stuart were on vacation together in San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico. And it happened to them what happens to all of us living in Baja: we come here, we fall in love, and we stay.

So, they decided to make a living here or, better said, the best living. They found a palm tree oasis in the middle of the Baja California Sur desert, and the adventure began.

There they were in the foothills of San José del Cabo, with 25 acres of palm trees growing next to each other and many plans to be made.

ACRE started as a restaurant and bar that, over time, will evolve into something more special: the creation of this unique eco-friendly hotel with treehouses that would allow people from all around the world to feel like they’re staying at home while enjoying nature’s beauty at its finest.

Now you can guess where the name ACRE comes from.

Four peacocks walking around the bar area in Acre Treehouse Hotel in Los Cabos, Mexico.
Nature blends with sophistication at the Acre Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

After completing their project back in 2015, these friends now share their dream by welcoming guests into this unique experience every day where luxury meets adventure as one big family under one roof (or branches!)

ACRE’s Location

This unique treehouse hotel is located in the hills of San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. From here, you have incredible views of the ocean and sunset – it’s truly paradise.

Near the Animas Bajas Park, ACRE is based in the same beautiful area where their famous neighbor Flora Farms was founded a few years back.

How to get to ACRE

Once you arrive at San Jose del Cabo city, you can drive along the paved road and cross the bridge towards Puerto Los Cabos.

You’ll have to pass 4 roundabouts and continue to Camino Cabo Este – just follow the signs towards ACRE.

Bear in mind the final stretch of the road will be a hard compacted dirt road which can be a challenge for tiny city cars. After you pass this naughty lane, this unique palm tree oasis will be waiting for you.

It’s totally worth it!

Acre Treehouse Hotel pool area with sixteen sun loungers and four shades surrounded by palm trees.
Acre pool area

The ACRE experience

ACRE is a unique treehouse hotel that offers stunning views of the beautiful landscape. But also, its closeness to Sierra de la Laguna mountains – the only foresty region in all Baja Sur – provides this space with a fresh breeze and cooler temperatures than most areas around.

Just one thing we should mention here, unfortunately, even though this is a pet-friendly resort, children are not allowed. After all, it is not very wise to have kids walking in a treehouse, right?

The Amenities

Guests can enjoy a sunbathing session next to the pool and drink award-winning cocktails at the bar, as well as massages and body treatments on request at their Treehouse Spa.

But perhaps the true star at ACRE is their excellent on-site restaurant, serving healthy and sustainable dishes with a semi-farm-to-table style, using their own cropped vegetables in their original recipes.

Let’s say this is where the concept of ACRE was born and will definitely inspire your senses with their exotic fusion cuisine you cannot miss.

A chef and a seafood cook posing with a big fish and vegetable crops at the Acre farm in Los Cabos, Mexico.
The Acre farm in San José del Cabo

The Farm and Open Spaces

ACRE San José del Cabo is part of the new eco-tourism trend, featuring citrus groves, organic gardens, a fire pit, and a beautiful animal sanctuary where all guests can interact with donkeys, goats, peacocks, dogs, and more recently, a rescued camel!

These original open spaces also include a bocce ball court and a ping pong table, ideal for stimulating your mind and body while playing with your mates or family.

Mezcal Lounge

This lavishly landscaped tiled patio area has the ACRE signature engraved on its name.

This venue has been designed for private dining and parties while having the opportunity to enjoy the ACRE mezcal brand at the bar, “La Tierra de Acre,” nowadays a trend on the rise.

The ACRE Mezcal

Enjoy the four award-wining mezcal selections of “La Tierra de Acre” Mezcal: Espadín, Cenizo, Tobalá and Tepeztate.

Handcrafted in Durango and Oaxaca, Mexico, every bottle offers unique tasting notes that will send your taste buds to another galaxy!

A man and a woman playing in a ping pong table at Acre Treehouse hotel in Los Cabos, Mexico.
Ping pong table at Acre San José del Cabo


Like the Mezcal Lounge, other private areas are designed to prepare unique celebrations for small and medium-size groups, like The Blue Room or the dining spaces, Rooftop Terrace, and The Jungle Table.

If you are thinking of celebrating a special occasion at this beautiful place, well, this is a no-brainer. This is actually one of the best wedding venues in San José del Cabo!

Plan Your Stay at Acre

If you are interested in experiencing a whole new way of life, staying at ACRE is the perfect way to start.
As you can expect, the rate at ACRE is not the most economical, with an approximate price of $355 per night.

Still, this exclusive treehouse hotel manages to offer an incredibly luxurious experience at a very reasonable price.

You can choose from various packages that include activities such as yoga lessons, and horseback riding, and arrange a variety of off-site activities and excursions like whale-watching tours or surfing and scuba lessons, just to mention a few.

No matter what you choose, you’re sure to have a memorable stay at this one-of-a-kind treehouse hotel!

A woman petting three little goats at the animal sanctuary in Acre Treehouse Hotel, Los Cabos, Mexico.
The animal sanctuary at Acre Treehouse Hotel

Come to ACRE San José del Cabo

So if you are looking for something different and exciting on your next vacation, be sure to check out ACRE San José del Cabo, Mexico.

With its incredible views and unique accommodations, you won’t find anything like it anywhere else in Baja Sur, or at least, not yet.

Relax and enjoy your stay at this eco-friendly hotel knowing that you’re helping preserve this beautiful area. Prepare to be amazed by mother nature at ACRE Baja.

You won’t regret it.

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