Complete Travel Guide La Ventana BCS: More Than a Great Kitesurf Spot

About La Ventana BCS

There is no doubt La Ventana BCS is the new touristic attraction, with visitors from all over the globe who find themselves amazed by this emerging jewel of the Sea of Cortez.

Eight people practicing kitesurf in La Ventana BCS Mexico with colorful kites and the mountains behind.
Kitesurf at La Ventana Mexico

This quiet little fishers’ village apparently had nothing special a few years back. Today, thanks to the natural conditions of its beautiful bay, La Ventana became a famous worldwide spot for kitesurfing… and it seems the trend will continue.

This gorgeous beach town offers perfect weather, crystal clear water, great amenities, hotels, activities, and tours to keep you busy. But, as you can imagine, the paramount quality you’ll find here it’s the wind.

According to experienced kitesurf trainers, the wind’s strength and direction allow you to practice sports like windsurfing and sailing, but mainly kitesurfing.

If you are an adventure lover, coming down to La Ventana BCS Mexico is a HUGE must. This article will share everything you need to know to explore what this beautiful town has to offer!

Things to do in La Ventana BCS

There are many reasons why La Ventana is becoming the new favorite spot for Baja travelers, and we are more than happy to list them for you:

1. The Super Duo: Wind and Waves

La Ventana Bay’s wind consistently hits the beach at 25-55 km/h in a sideway direction throughout the year, making it an excellent spot for kitesurfing.

Also, the waves are relatively consistent and range from beginner to intermediate levels, making it perfect to practice any watersport safely.

Seafood ceviche, fish tacos, lemonade and mexican beer served at a restaurant with ocean view in La Ventana BCS, Mexico
Restaurant in La Ventana BCS

2. The Capital Of Watersports

This beautiful bay has been adapted to make the most of the fantastic landscape uniquely, as you can be sure there is no other place in Baja dedicated solely to watersports like La Ventana BCS Mexico.

Aside from the great weather and perfect conditions for kitesurfing, this place offers plenty of other activities, such as freediving, paddleboarding, kayaking, snorkeling, and more.

3. Excellent Fishing Spot

Another great attraction of La Ventana BCS is the closeness to Cerralvo Island, a famous fishing spot for locals and tourists. Both areas are suitable for sportfishing and spearfishing.

4. The Food

La Ventana BCS is a tiny beach town, and it’s easy to walk around and find small local restaurants where you can enjoy some genuine Mexican dishes. Still, you’ll be surprised at how quickly this place is growing and making its way to offer international culinary delights as well.

The food prices typically range from USD 5 to USD 15, but nowadays, you might find a couple of places with an upscale food offer.

Stargaze in a glamping resort with lighted tents and desert trees La Ventana BCS.
Stargaze in La Ventana BCS

5. Exceptional Place For Eco-Tourism

La Ventana, Mexico, is emerging as a new touristic destination thanks to the rising eco-tourism trend, creating the perfect spot for adventurers worldwide.

Being lived here for many years, it is surprising to see this place becoming a huge parking lot for motor homes, primarily from people dedicated to kitesurf.

This fantastic bay offers a unique vibe full of nature and harmony. Here, you can find picturesque markets, bars, and great spots for camping. It is routine to see bonfires at night where tourists and locals enjoy stargazing sessions next to each other.

We are happy to share the big news for those who love comfort: La Ventana is the glamping capital. This is perhaps one of the best attractions in all of Baja Sur so far, offering a completely new experience that can stay forever in our memories.

Where is La Ventana BCS

La Ventana is located in Baja California Sur, on the Gulf of Mexico. Only 40 minutes away from La Paz City. It is easy to travel between the two areas if you plan a long-term stay in Baja, but not so much if you are thinking of booking a flight to Los Cabos.

La Ventana is located 2 hours away from San José del Cabo and 2:30 hours from Cabo San Lucas.

Aerial view of La Ventana BCS with white clouds, overlooking the coast and highways.
La Ventana BCS Mexico

How to Get to La Ventana BCS

La Paz to La Ventana BCS

For most people, the easiest way is flying directly to La Paz (IATA: LAP) and renting a car to drive 40 minutes Southeast.

This is way much more comfortable than any other alternative. Of course, this will depend heavily on the flight’s availability from where you are. Most places will likely fly only to Los Cabos, but you might be lucky enough to catch a direct flight to La Paz.

We advise avoiding driving during nighttime as the highway can be dangerous due to cattle crossing and poor lighting.

Highway to La Ventana BCS Mexico, in the middle of a cactus forest and with clear blue skies.
Highway to La Ventana Mexico

Los Cabos to La Ventana BCS

For those who can’t access direct flights to La Paz, the most common way to get to La Ventana BCS Mexico is by flying into Los Cabos International Airport; once you are looking for flights, we recommend browsing San José del Cabo (IATA: SJD).

From there, you can rent a car and drive about 90 miles North on the Transpeninsular Highway, heading to “El Salto.”

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more exotic means of transport, then consider taking one of the many buses that run daily to La Ventana at certain times. Some routes will require a taxi from San Antonio (the last bus stop) to La Ventana.

The estimated price for the bus-taxi journey is about USD 50.

Another option for car rental and buses is hiring a transportation service; you can find some alternatives here.

La Ventana Weather

The weather in La Ventana BCS is warm and typically sunny from November to April. The average temperature during the winter season is around 25 degrees Celsius (77 Fahrenheit), while the summer months are a bit hotter at 35 degrees Celsius (95 Fahrenheit).

The water can get as cold as 18 degrees Celsius (64 Fahrenheit), so bring wetsuits with you if you plan on doing other water sports such as fishing or diving.

Our Advice: The gold standard for optimal weather is visiting from November to March.

A woman with a brown bikini with a black dog practicing paddle-boarding in the turquoise waters of La Ventana BCS.
Paddle-boarding in La Ventana Mexico

During prolonged sun exposure, it is highly recommended to use large amounts of reef-safe sunscreen and wear UPF sun protection clothing as much as possible.

A Hub For All Sorts of Sports

La Ventana BCS Mexico has increased its popularity due to the perfect conditions and fantastic landscape, convenient for watersports such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, and sailing.

But also, it is known this place has a lot more to offer for adventure lovers. Because the wind significantly influences sports here, one must be aware that sometimes it is impossible to perform the above-mentioned activities in optimal conditions – but let’s not panic. This is not common.

Anyway, some alternatives don’t involve wind and ones that need to be performed in the wind’s absence.

A male practicing mountain biking on a dusty road with desert plants and clear blue skies in La Ventana BCS, Mexico.
Mountain biking at La Ventana Mexico

These are other excellent activities you can do at La Ventana BCS Mexico:

Not Affected By The Wind

These exciting activities can be performed in the presence of wind, but also, they can’t be affected the same way as wind sports if this factor is absent:

Mountain Bike routes

As for 2020, there are around 72 biking trails in the area, offering a unique experience to beginners and experienced bikers alike.

Certainly, mountain biking in La Ventana BCS is the first-level experience at all times, with fast and flowing downhills and spectacular views of the Sea of ​​Cortez.

The best part is that you don’t need to bring full gear to enjoy this activity; you can rent the equipment at Ventana Windsports or Cacachilas Bike Hub.

Our advice: Using long sleeves when biking is highly recommended, as there are cacti on the sides of the trails, ouch!

La Ventana BCS Freediving

Prepare yourself to explore the beauty of the Sea of Cortez as a freediver. You can learn the apnea technique with certified trainers and enjoy the majestic marine life of Baja California Sur.

Two males holding a big tuna on their laps after a spearfishing adventure in La Ventana BCS.
Spearfishing in La Ventana Mexico

La Ventana BCS Spearfishing

Besides freediving, spearfishing it’s an exciting activity that will give you more than just witnessing the fantastic underwater seascapes of Baja Sur. If you are an experienced freediver, surely it will be easy for you to get your first catch of mahi-mahi!


As we all know, Baja Sur is a great area to practice sportfishing, and I think it’s one of the most potent appeals as a tourist destination. One cannot resist the temptation to book a fishing charter and sail on to the adventure to find a finned treasure!

Affected By The Wind

Plenty of other sports to keep you occupied in La Ventana don’t involve wind at all. In fact, they are affected by its blowing presence, and it’s highly recommended to perform these activities during the mornings before 11:00 – 12:00.

These activities are kayaking, paddleboarding (or standup paddleboarding), snorkeling, and beach volleyball. Be my guest!

Three kitesurfers performing a demonstration in a kitesurf school in La Ventana BCS.
Kitesurf schools in La Ventana Mexico

Learn Kitesurf In La Ventana BCS

Seasoned kitesurfers usually find the best launch site in La Ventana Mexico, and there is no surprise this place is becoming a kitesurf school central.

La Ventana Bay has excellent waves and a consistent offshore breeze, making it an ideal spot for all surfers. Beginners can take lessons right on the beach, while more experienced kiters can enjoy the suitable conditions for tricks and jumps.

Here we listed some of the best-rated kitesurf schools for passionate adventurers who want to try this exciting wind sport:

Where to Stay in La Ventana BCS

This beautiful landscape deserves more than a sporadic visit. If you consider spending a few days in La Ventana BCS Mexico, you will find many good places to decide where to stay.

This magic place truly has something for everyone, from conventional hotels to vacation rentals and trendy glamping resorts. Feel free to check out our suggestions below!

Luxury hotel with ocean view poolside in La Ventana BCS.
Todo Bien Hotel in La Ventana BCS

Hotels and Resorts

If you are looking for a traditional vacation, you can book a hotel or resort, but to be honest, La Ventana is still a tiny town with few options to choose from. Still, that doesn’t mean it is not a great idea. You can book a place like the Baja Joe’s Hotel or Nomada Hotel, and if you are into luxury options, you have La Ventana Bay Resort or Hotel Todo Bien.


If you are on a budget or want to meet new people, booking a hostel could be the perfect option. La Ventana has small and friendly places with private rooms and bunk beds available to share.

Some accommodations have great rooftop terraces where you can enjoy a stargazing session at night! We can recommend La Ventana Hostel or Susu’Z Village Hostel and Rooms.

Vacation Rentals

For a more private experience, you can book a vacation rental place. This is highly recommendable for big groups of families who want to spend a fantastic time in a beachfront loft or villa, with all the amenities only La Ventana can provide.

The best-rated rentals are Palapas La Choya and Beach Front Lofts La Ventana.

White glamping tent with two sun loungers, two backpacks, and a desert tree in La Ventana BCS, Mexico.
ChiloChill Glamping Resort

Glamping Resorts

This is probably my favorite accommodation style. Glamping is a new trend taking off in the eco-tourism market, and to be fair, this is the perfect balance between nature and comfort. It’s simply unique!

If you are into new stuff, we invite you to try ChiloChill Glamping Resort or Wind Rider Glamping, both with great reviews from guests and exceptional locations and landscapes.

Explore La Ventana Mexico

No matter what kind of traveler you are, there’s sure to be a fantastic experience awaiting you in La Ventana BCS Mexico.

From experienced or beginner kitesurfers to a whole family looking for fun and relaxation, you can be sure you’ll never regret coming to La Ventana.

So get out there and start exploring!

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