Fish Tacos Albatros: A Great Food Spot In La Paz, Mexico

Why I love fish tacos from “Albatros Taquería.”

When I think about fish tacos, I definitely think about fish tacos Albatros,” also known by locals as “Tacos Don Puppo.” 

Albatros fish taco stand with owner inside and the sauce bar in front, La Paz, Mexico.
Fish tacos Albatros owner, Mr. Hugo Sepúlveda Puppo

Its owner, Mr. Hugo Sepúlveda Puppo (Don Puppo), comes from a family line of fishermen, and it’s not a surprise he mastered the batter recipe to fry fresh fish like a pro. 

To be honest, I discovered this culinary jewel only a few years ago, back in 2017, but as a matter of fact, this place has been ruling the fish taco arts since 1983. 

But what was a real surprise to me it’s the fact that these guys actually were the first ones who came up with the idea of adding shrimp to the taco menu – at least in La Paz – and since then, every fish taco place here offers both, fish and shrimp as main dishes. 

Personally, I can’t thank Mr. Puppo enough for such brilliant addition. 

Let me tell you, there are few places in town capable of delivering an excellent alternative for this delicious local specialty, and this is one of them.

Three fish and shrimp tacos with cabbage, pickled onion and sauce from Albatros taqueria stand in La Paz, Mexico.
Three delicious fish and shrimp tacos

Responsible Fishing

People in La Paz tend to be aware of the fragility of marine biodiversity, and Mr. Puppo is not the exception. This establishment is part of the Espíritu Santo es parte de ti initiative to protect and rescue reefs fish in danger of extinction.

This is why he strictly avoids using Perico (parrotfish), a well-known endangered species vital for its role in coral reef preservation.

Fish tacos “Albatros” only uses seasonal fish through local fisheries, as this is the only way to collaborate with mother nature and everyone’s pockets.

Opening hours

Fish tacos Albatros opens from Tuesday to Sunday from 7:00 to 12:30 (don’t trust Google or Facebook opening hours). I ensured this was accurate information as I personally asked the staff in charge. 

Like every traditional fish taco place, they can close the service once they run out of food (which sometimes occurs earlier or maybe 1 or 2 hours later than established). 

My advice is to show up around 9:00 and 11:00 to get the best experience.

Fish tacos Albatros sauce bar with double cream, napkins, plastic cups, and cabbage toppings.
Fish tacos Albatros’ sauce bar

What’s for brunch?

The last time I visited this place in December 2021, I had the chance to speak to the owner, and he was very open to giving me extra info about the menu.

Here, you can find seasonal fish tacos, including palometa (pomfret), jurel (mackerel), and pámpano. 

Besides the classic delights (fish and shrimp tacos), often you can get clam tacos. Personally, I haven’t tried these ones, but I might go for it next time. 

As you can expect, fish tacos are not the only dish you can find in “Albatros Taquería.” They also serve alternatives like empanadas and tacos packed with cooked dishes made with seasonal seafood like octopus, stingray, and “caguamanta” (a stew made of shrimp and stingray), just to mention a few. 

Fish tacos Albatros' menu with images and prices in it, La Paz, Mexico.
Fish tacos Albatros’ menu

Prices in Mexican pesos (MXN) and American dollar (USD) are below:

Fish Tacos                       $ 28$ 1.37
Shrimp Tacos                 $ 38$ 1.86
Clam Tacos                     $ 48$ 2.35
Empanadas$ 38$ 1.86
Cooked dishes Tacos    $ 48$2.35

What you need to know before eating here

Forget about Mc Donald’s drive-through, fish tacos “Albatros” is a proper fast-food establishment designed to make people eat and leave… literally. 

The fish tacos are served from a taco truck with a sauce bar where everyone is just standing there eating quickly and leaving. 

There are only a few seats inside of this tiny local, and the truth is told, there is a slight chance that you’ll be the lucky one with a chair, as you can guess, it’s always busy. But don’t worry, you’ll get your tacos in less than five, guaranteed. 

If you don’t like the idea of eating standing up, you can actually have a take-away. Hopefully, you’ll not be like me. I always want one or two more afterward!

If you are a fish taco fan, we would like to see some comments below!

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