10 Best Los Cabos Mexico Luxury Hotels

Hello to our Baja travelers! Welcome to our 2024 updated post 🛥🌴🐋 ☀️🌊🍷

Many years ago, I came to Cabo for the very first time, and since then, many changes have happened. First of all, never in my dreams would I see the potential of this incredible travel spot—until now.

As I grew up, dozens of magnificent resorts came into place to push up this back-then little sandy town. Now, as a grown-up, I could not be more pleased by how my beautiful Cabo has developed so much— but still, there is a lot to be done.

Aerial view of the Marina with dozens of sailboats, palm trees and blue skies, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
Marina in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Vibrant nightlife, art galleries, beautiful beaches, fantastic outdoor activities, friendly social events, and delicious food alternatives make this place a new hotspot in Mexico. Hence, we’ve presented our readers with a carefully curated list of the 10 Best Luxury Hotels in Los Cabos.

To our most seasoned luxury travelers: rest assured, these resorts have it all, from ocean views to golf courses; from awarded spas to gourmet restaurants, you name it!

With no further ado, let’s dig in.

10 Best Los Cabos Mexico Luxury Hotels

As someone who appreciates the finer things in life, let me guide you through what we believe are the ten best luxury hotels this dashing destination has to offer.


Prepare for an unforgettable experience! 🌵☀️🌴

1. Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal

If you’re looking for an extravagant resort in Los Cabos, we recommend the Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal as a fit choice. This is personally my favorite resort in Cabo, although I won’t complain if I have to stay at any of the resorts below!

Situated on the Pacific Ocean’s cliffside of Cabo San Lucas, this magnificent place celebrates Mexican heritage through its culture and cuisine, offering world-class amenities and outstanding service.

To me, The Waldorf Astoria evokes a paradise that mimics the attractive landscape here in Cabo. It reminds me of my childhood, walking around the rocky mountains around La Baja and bringing dear memories back. It is simply majestic.

But perhaps its best quality is its prime location and, with it, the originality that embodies this beautiful five-star resort. Here is the thing: There is no view like the one you can only witness at El Farallon Restaurant while you sip a glass of wine or eat from their ocean-to-table menu. I know it will exceed any expectations.

Waldorf Astoria luxury resort aerial shoot, beachfront building and cliffside on the back, Los Cabos, Mexico.
Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal

Location: Cabo San Lucas | Kid-friendly: Yes | Pet-friendly: Yes

2. Chileno Bay Auberge Resorts Collection

For our second choice, we will be sharing this stylish and modern alternative. Part of the Auberge Collection, The Chileno Bay Resort offers luxurious accommodations and phenomenal amenities for adventurous travelers in Baja Sur.

Let us tell you that from the moment you arrive, you’ll sense a contemporary ambience with the beautiful scenery of the Sea of Cortez. And even better, you’ll have access to one of the few swimmable beaches in Cabo—unbeatable, right?

What I love about this fantastic stay is the modern outdoor decor, which makes me feel like I am walking in a beach garden space, all fresh and balanced—A must when spending a sunny afternoon in the desert.

Chileno Bay Auberge Resorts Collection, beachfront aerial shoot, Los Cabos, Mexico.
Chileno Bay Resort

Location: Cabo San Lucas | Kid-friendly: Yes | Pet-friendly: Yes

3. One&Only Palmilla

Once awarded as a five-star resort and spa by Forbes Travel Guide, it’s easy to see why One&Only Palmilla is a preferred choice for celebrities and other VIP guests.

Located at Palmilla Beach— another swimmable beach in the region, this magnificent upscale resort offers an array of amenities and activities, from world-class dining to championship golf and spa treatments.

What is essential to this hotel brand is to share their legacy: they are experts in making their guests feel special. One&Only Palmilla is that kind of place where we can quickly develop a sense of belonging. And for us, that’s a powerful feature here.

One and Only Palmilla luxury resort, opal poolside surrounded by tall palm trees, Los Cabos, Mexico.
One&Only Palmilla Poolside

Location: San José del Cabo | Kid-friendly: Yes | Pet-friendly: Yes (charges apply)

4. Montage Los Cabos

Nestled along the shores of Santa Maria Bay, Montage Los Cabos stands as a pinnacle among the exquisite resorts in Los Cabos, and we couldn’t agree more with this.

We selected this marvellous spot for our listing primarily because of its captivating landscaping, showcasing the epitome of Baja Sur’s charm both on land and at sea.

In our estimation, Montage Los Cabos is the ultimate upscale retreat, boasting breathtaking ocean panoramas, architectural marvels, and unparalleled five-star service.

Finally, Montage Los Cabos deserves our praise in terms of location. This beachfront marvel holds picturesque surroundings, providing seamless access to the area’s premier swimming, snorkeling, and diving spots.

Montage Los Cabos aerial shoot, beachfront, poolside and sailboats resting at the seashore, BCS, Mexico.
Montage Los Cabos

Location: Cabo San Lucas | Kid-friendly: Yes | Pet-friendly: Yes (charges will apply)

5. Esperanza Resort

The Esperanza Resort is also part of the Auberge Collection—and guessed right, we couldn’t leave it out of our top 10.

The first time I saw this fantastic resort was on the big screen, in the 2007 Ben Stiller film The Heartbreak Kid. Just by looking at the landscaping, I knew that was my beautiful Cabo, not that they mentioned the location! 😏 one knows its land by heart.

If you allow me to say, I fell in love with the place; Esperanza has something special about it that makes me fall for it every time. Maybe it’s the picturesque layout or the crashing waves at its forefront; to me, it looks like a charming beach castle.

Besides this being one of my favourites, this top-notch resort offers endless luxury experiences for the most seasoned guests— it truly deserves to rank on this post.

Esperanza Auberge Resorts Collection in Los Cabos, Mexico. Evening shoot, on a beachfront cliff, overlooking the ocean.
Esperanza Resort

Location: Cabo San Lucas | Kid-friendly: Yes | Pet-friendly: Yes (charges will apply)

6. Las Ventanas al Paraiso, A Rosewood Resort

Inaugurated almost 30 years ago, this beachfront resort is a classic in Cabo. Las Ventanas holds a very characteristic Mexican-Californian design that merges with the original Baja desert landscape and the wilderness of the Pacific Ocean.

But don’t let this relic fool you; even though this might not be the most faitful representation of modernity, this resort serves as a perfect embodiment of character. Luxury exudes here, and we honestly loved every inch of its interiors, always vibrant and colorful, mirroring the richness of Mexican culture.

Infused with unique local details meticulously crafted by Mexican artisans, such as mosaic headboards and hand-carved wood furniture, Las Ventanas al Paraiso has earned a spot among the 20 Best Hotels in Western Mexico by Conde Nast Traveler.

With so many fantastic elements, we are sure Las Ventanas al Paraiso will blow your mind—that’s why we picked it.

Las Ventanas al Paraiso luxury resort main entrance with cactus and agave deco, and palapa shade. Los Cabos, Mexico.
Las Ventanas al Paraíso

Location: San José del Cabo | Kid-friendly: Yes | Pet-friendly: Yes (charges will apply)

7. The Cape, A Thompson Hotel

To begin with, The Cape has a privileged setting on the Sea of Cortez, and therefore, it is accountable for a stunning view of Land’s End.

In our view, this contemporary resort from the Hyatt collection offers a unique alternative in Cabo, projecting a solid urban vibe while simultaneously soaking up that classic beach town feel. Best of both worlds? Absolutely.

The play of dark colors against the clear blue waters and white sand is like a dance between light and darkness, yin and yang, and on the inside, modernity and classic style merged, a masterpiece, in my opinion.

We cannot skip to the next resort without highlighting that The Cape is great for couples, even though kids are welcome. This special resort is more like a modern boutique hotel (but a bit wider), easy to explore, and big enough to give you a five-star resort experience.

The Cape luxury resort in Los Cabos, Mexico, beachfront building with pool and loungers.
The Cape, A Thompson Hotel

Location: Cabo San Lucas | Kid-friendly: Yes | Pet-friendly: Yes (charges will apply)

8. Nobu Hotel Los Cabos

Nothing is more powerful than an inspiring story behind a successful business, and Nobu Hotel embodies that. The power of legacy is an extra touch of value that sets it apart from anywhere else.

This splendid resort has roots in the culinary world rather than the travel industry. It might amaze you that its accomplished owner, Mr. Nobu Matsuhisa, first earned accolades as a celebrity chef before becoming business partners with the acclaimed actor Robert De Niro.

Their collaboration evolved from successful restaurants into something extraordinary: The Nobu Hotels. As you can guess, there is a great reason to put this resort on our list: This is Nobu’s first hotel in Mexico.

This amazing beachfront property beautifully epitomizes a singular fusion of East and West, boasting clean, elegant wooden finishes that echo Japanese style, seamlessly blending with the desert landscape of Mexico—an awe-inspiring sight.

Nobu Hotel aerial shoot overlooking the ocean, palm trees and pool next to the beach, Los Cabos, Mexico.
The Nobu Hotel

Location: Cabo San Lucas | Kid-friendly: Yes | Pet-friendly: Yes (charges will apply) 

9. Zadún, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

An additional noteworthy debut is Zadún, the first Rizt-Carlton Reserve resort in Mexico (the fourth of its kind worldwide). Nestled in Puerto Los Cabos, it offers tranquillity away from bustling crowds and proximity to San José del Cabo’s art galleries and restaurants—It delivers an elite experience in Mexico, saved only for sybarites.

What particularly captivated me about this resort is their original approach to transmitting the authentic spirit of “Mexicanity”, proof of that is their service delivery, wherein they refer to personalized butlers as Tosoani—a term translating to dream watcher in Nahuatl, an ancient Mexican language.

Through exceptional expressions of high-end local art and elegant handcrafted textiles, Zadún accomplishes what only a handful of resorts in Mexico can achieve: showcasing the Mexican culture at its best, transporting its guests to a fascinating realm.

What’s even more impressive is their dedication and enthusiasm for the local environment, as they actively participate in the educational program known as Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ambassadors of the Environment; through this initiative, guests have the opportunity to delve into the exploration of endemic flora and fauna while gaining valuable insights into the wonders of Mother Nature.

Aerial view of the Zadun Ritz-Carlton Reserve hotel in Los Cabos Mexico.
Zadún, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

Location: San José del Cabo | Kid-friendly: Yes | Pet-friendly: Pets not allowed

10. Viceroy Los Cabos

Last but not least, we have the remarkable Viceroy resort; if you are wondering why we chose this alternative above others, the answer is very simple. We loved its powerful lighting setup, making it a phenomenal representation of a luxurious summer; the Sea and the Sun are the stars of the day here.

This architectural masterpiece can be summed up in one word: design. Even its unique restaurant, Nido (translated to English as Nest), carries a distinct signature, sending an unmistakable message: it’s time to get some vitamin D.

This futuristic beachfront resort will transport you to captivating landscapes reminiscent of your most surreal dreams. Every aspect is designed to evoke a minimalistic vibe that’s impossible to ignore. It’s like a summer spaceship, dominated by a white color palette, elliptical poolside shapes, and meticulously symmetrical outdoor spaces, showcasing the absolute taste of this place.

Viceroy luxury resort circular poolside with white loungers, Los Cabos, Mexico.
Viceroy Poolside

Location: San José del Cabo | Kid-friendly: Yes | Pet-friendly: Yes (charges might apply)

Here it is!

We trust that our curated selection is warmly welcomed by our readers.

Each option promises spectacular views, exceptional service, and many activities to keep you entertained, ensuring a delightful experience no matter your choice.

We trust you found our list enjoyable, and if you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

We look forward to hearing from you. Until then,

Happy Travels!

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