Palmilla Beach Cabo: The Best Travel Guide

If you need a quiet and relaxing summer, Palmilla Beach Cabo is the perfect spot for your next getaway. 

With calm turquoise waters and a welcoming setting, Palmilla beach Cabo is one of the most beautiful and famous beaches in Los Cabos. 

Palmilla beach seashore from above with kayaks and sun loungers on the white sand in San José del Cabo, Mexico.
Palmilla Beach San José del Cabo

Officially called “Playa Palmilla,” it has been declared a blue flag beach as part of the prestigious Blue Flag Programme operated by the Foundation for Environmental Education based in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

This world-renowned award can only be granted to beaches that comply with rigorous criteria involving environmental, educational, safety and accessibility standards.

If you are wondering if you can visit other blue flag beaches along the Los Cabos coast, the answer is an absolute yes: Medano Beach, El Corsario, Las Viudas, Santa María, and Acapulquito are also part of this worldwide environmental awareness initiative… take your pick!

Palmilla Beach Cabo Location

Palmilla Beach Cabo is a protected cove in Los Cabos Tourist Corridor, the famous 33 km long stretch connecting the two main cities: Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. 

Because of its proximity, Palmilla Beach Cabo is considered a San José del Cabo beach, located at km 27.5 (almost at the end of this stretch). 

This convenient location allows visitors to have quick and direct access to a parking lot to make the experience beyond comfortable: you can bring your gear to the playground.

Besides, this beautiful swimmable beach emulates a genuine fishing village atmosphere with a glammy touch! 

Palmilla beach tropical landscape with palm trees, white sand, villas and resorts on the hills.
Palmilla Beach landscape

Is Palmilla Beach Cabo Safe and Clean?

Something very optimistic about this gorgeous beach is that you can be sure it will always be looked after.

Palmilla Beach used to be part of the private sector, but in 2017, this beach was finally declared “Patrimony of Los Cabos municipality.”

And what is even better, Mexican authorities are committed to keeping up with the Blue Flag Programme Standards: safe and clean!

  • Here you can find outdoor showers and public bathrooms; most visitors’ reviews have mentioned that these services are always clean and well preserved. 
  • There is regularly a lifeguard on duty, so you might find this ideal… yep, peace of mind. 

Since this beach does not allow tourist boats and there are no vendors around, you can say it is ideally suited for a truly relaxing day. 

Just one thing to point out! Please think twice before bringing any pets; as far as we know, this beach does not allow dogs! (and probably many other animals that can cause disturbances). 

We highly recommend that our dear Baja Travelers investigate the current pet code before bringing “Buddy.”

Palmilla beach in Mexico with palapas, boats, a lifeguard kiosk, and resorts with palm trees on the distance.
Sunny day at Palmilla Beach Cabo

Things To Do in Playa Palmilla Cabo

Palmilla Beach Cabo is an excellent option for solo travelers, groups, and especially families. It offers a safe space to explore and enjoy the stunning Baja Sur landscape.

According to many visitors’ reviews, Playa Palmilla is “the place” to spend a refreshing actual Baja moment, as, unlike Medano beach, this area is quieter and therefore ideal for experiencing a more authentic local vibe.

Because of its natural crescent moon shape, this beach has perfect swimming conditions, allowing abundant water activities. Whether you’re looking for tranquillity or fun, here are some of the ventures you can do in Playa Palmilla:

  • Join or witness the Annual IronMan Triathlon Event, hosted every autumn season (this is the swimming section from the whole track, and it happens to be the beginning and the end of the race). 
  • Watch the local fishermen launch their boats for a daily catch (if you feel like it, you can buy fish directly from them near the parking lot and then cook it at your hotel).
  • Snorkeling, even though this is not a primary activity here, it is good enough to spend a fabulous time swimming and enjoying the experience. 
  • Rent a Kayak or bring your own.
Ironman triathlon race with hundreds of competitors swimming to the end line in Palmilla beach, Los Cabos, Mexico.
Ironman triathlon at Palmilla Beach Cabo
  • Book a paddleboarding tour or rent the gear for a solo session. Even bringing your own equipment would be a great idea. 
  • Rent a fishing charter (or panga) and sail for adventure (you can actually try to fish many types of fish in this area, including marlin, roosterfish, yellowfin tuna, and sailfish). Check out the Cabo Fishing Calendar here.
  • Sunbathing, lying on the sand to get a perfect tan, is superb here as there are no vendors. You can lounge in peace.
  • Morning and afternoon beach walk
  • Read a book or have your drinks under Mexican palapa shades. Playlists are welcome!
  • Get to “Punta Palmilla” (an exposed reef and a point break in the area) to practice surfing during the summer season. You can book a luxury surf trip through Tropicsurf for an outstanding experience with expert guides.
  • During whale season (December to mid-April), you can spot these friendly giants offshore.

Note all these suggestions to help you push your holidays to a whole new level. This is, without question, a place to remember! 

Surfer man walking through the waves with a surfing board in Palmilla beach, Mexico.
Surf at Palmilla Beach Mexico

Palmilla Beach Cabo Travel Advice

We are very committed to helping Baja visitors to achieve the entire travel experience. Take a look at our Playa Palmilla trip advice below: 

  • Arrive earlier to assure yourself access to Palapa shades as only a few of them are available.
  • If the Palapas are busy, you can rent an umbrella and a couple of beach chairs (don’t forget to bring your cash!)
  • Avoid showing up during weekends as you might have a different experience. This beach usually gets busy with local families. 
  • You can bring your own beach gear (towel, umbrella, chairs, beach toys and equipment, etc.), this way, you will save rental money and still get unlimited access to fun and comfort. 
  • Another money saver: bring your own food and drinks as there are no food services nearby, except for The One & Only Palmilla Resort (and it ain’t cheap!). You can adopt the Mexican trick here: always carry a cooler filled with goodies with you!
One & Only Palmilla resort with white sand, turquoise waters, and palm trees overlooked from above
One & Only Palmilla Resort

A Luxurious Travel Destination

San José del Cabo is a nice-looking fishing spot with a remarkable Baja Sur originality, making it a preferred location for luxury resorts, golf courses, trendy cafes, and restaurants all over the coast and hills in the city.  

Therefore, Palmilla beach is placed in one of the most exclusive areas, surrounded by expensive hotels like the famous One & Only Palmilla. 

Also, you can find exclusive Villas like Casa Bonita Palmilla, Casa Fryzer, Casa Cortez, and Villas del Mar 322, all of them displaying a stunning semblance.

With more than a million travelers visiting San José del Cabo each year, we can assure the local community is committed to keeping Playa Palmilla as clean and safe as it can be: the perfect glam escape you need.

Best time to Visit Palmilla Beach Cabo

If you are wondering when would be the best time to visit, let me tell you this:  

October to November is a great time to come

With the ending of the summer months, the weather starts to cool down and is not packed with tourists yet, giving you the perfect set-up to enjoy most activities on the beach.

If you prefer a chilled retreat, we recommend May to June

The weather is just starting to get hot, but still manageable if you plan your visit in the early hours. This also will help you save some money as winter is considered a peak season; therefore, you can expect high rates for flights and accommodation. For surf-lovers: summer is your perfect time! 

I hope you enjoy reading our Palmilla Beach Mexico travel guide. Please feel free to leave your comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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